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  1. Diary No. 37 IGN: Versace SO MUCH FUN
  2. Diary No. 11 IGN: Versace
  3. Diary No. 263 IGN: Versace :3
  4. Diary No. 233 IGN: Vienne woohoo
  5. Diary No. 214 IGN: Vienne ANOTHER DAY AFKING
  6. Diary No. 196 IGN: Versace ANOTHER DAY IN THE MINES
  7. Diary No. 119 IGN: Versace :333333
  8. Diary No. 96 IGN: Vienne :3
  9. Diary No. 62 IGN: Violet mego is for afking :3
  10. Diary No. 25 IGN: Versace SCHMONEY
  11. and i don't have more ap cause guess what??? I DON'T USE SOUL IN PVP LOL ie the vast majority of mages rn. ill break it down vienne: doesnt usually war bc i use my cat. when i do, i use shard, electro, and heals for my party wildcat: never seen her use soul jheredy: never seen him use soul shan: doesn't pvp hayi: used it like two times one war butters: focuses on AR and supporting team
  12. is the complaint not that it's strong?? not that it has no counters (which hp/MD exist btw) i have 2k+ MA and i need 3 souls to kill Homosexual (a bunny) IF he doesn't tetra me first. It's not hard to counter in pvp. Gear and good stats are easy to come by on this server.
  13. edit: actually this happened to our guild member yesterday. but i won't discuss it further because i'm not entirely sure why or what happened. but that's the only incident i've heard of.