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  1. MissTique

    [2018-20] MyShop Poll #6

    Kitsune Sets please: http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Kitsu's_Ears_190.html Titanium tiger boxes please: http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Titanium_Tiger_Ribbon.html
  2. Diary No. 351 IGN: Kaiya Got lvl 400 today <3
  3. Diary No. 334 IGN: Riana Moon won Oops Harkon <3
  4. Diary No. 76 IGN: Kaiya About to advance to third job :3 Excited!
  5. Diary No. 56 IGN: Kaiya Perusing the shops :3
  6. Diary No. 22 IGN: Kaiya Today in LifeTO I worked on leveling kitty for raccoon boxes :3
  7. MissTique

    Changes to Gloom Farming Drops

    Totally agree, I sometimes move to path to oops when it is less efficient at path to relics due to competition. However, as you stated, some of the drops just aren't worth it and feel less frequent