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  1. Di´╗┐ary No. 444 MrTabasco i'm tired we want War PVP
  2. Diary No. 430 Clemiclue Kor & Jap flag
  3. Diary No. 410 MrTabasco yeahhhhh i love Capri
  4. Diary No. 390 MrTabasco Slient Megalopolis ~_~
  5. Diary No. 372 MrTabasco empty ~.~
  6. Diary No. 343 zVelocity i got blue frame glasses
  7. No. 326 MrTabasco omg AFKing in this place is dangerous
  8. Diary no. 303 MrTabasco my favorite pet
  9. Diary No. 286 MrTabasco i can't wait for new fashion and GB
  10. Diary No. 244 Logan Madame snow and young :)
  11. Diary No. 228 MrTabasco sad lion but don't worry U R King of gloom farming
  12. Diary No. 205 MrTabasco i'm alone in battlefield of garden
  13. Diary No. 183 Logan there are nothing to do we need new fashion gacha or new contents
  14. Diary No. 162 Logan Today I made 200 million. And I started getting bored. See you tomorrow.
  15. Diary No. 137 MrTabasco It's hard to enjoy the competive pvp because of the different time zones.