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  1. IGN: Soleil, Pure sheep badge please~
  2. Pixelmori

    Fusion Bug?

    Thank you for the timely reply~ That's odd considering before this update I could equip it to both my fox and previous bunny! Perhaps something was reset? Ah well, as long as the issue has been made aware of, I can be a patient player and wait for maintenance! It's no issue at all, and i'm sure there are optimal replacements. Thank you very much, sky! Have a blessed day!
  3. Hello! I'm making this to see if maybe this might be a bug from fusing equipment or something. Fusing my hat and shield seems to still allow me to equip it to my kitty, however when I try to equip the fused sword it tells me it's an uninstallable item type. I'm not sure what is going on, but perhaps it is a bug from enabling item fusion? Either way, I'm letting it be aware that I am having this problem! I hope this will be remedied soon! it kind of hinders my ability to hunt when I can't equip my sword.