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  1. [PH]Negi-bou

    Megalopolis Shop unaccessible

    update: I deleted the folder from data first before copying the new folder from the update, it works now
  2. I tried running the map update (600mb+ file), overwritten the folder and such, I still get the same error and now I also get EE instead of just getting forced back to the start screen
  3. [PH]Negi-bou

    Any old Guardians guildies here?

    Maybe if I get a bit stronger, lol this coon is driving me nuts, I'm hoping by the time I get done with my first job change Tut will be kind enough to give me his weapon
  4. 1. Shin, a Homeless guy who prefers flowers than money (lol), 27 now and I live in GMT+800. 2. I started playing years ago, 2007 if I remember, I fell in love in Trickster warts and moles, I love how this game doesn't rush you to do anything, to take it up at your own pace, plus my old guild Guardians, my family in game, has been really kind to me. 3. I run by Buffalo, I love charging in on the frontlines, my mentor was Brian, my guild leader, his famous line is (according to my late friend) "Do your TM quest, they are of the outmost importance" 4. I don't have any fashion preference though I mostly see Buffs using Soki set, but I remember I have my trusty Ninja Noxx by my side, then I wanted that other noisy pet that says "Vampire don't shine..." xD 5. Drill and raise my TM, back in eTO days always wait for Fiesta (raid em up and stack on your TM) 6. I can't say goals per se, more of a dream, get my old crew back (Cynth, Romeo, L, Bri, hey you guys come on lets bring back the guild) 7. Homeless Ian, cuz flowers > money!!! 8. Building model kits (GunPla, Frame Arms Girls) , doing hunts in my ps4 (the HR 999 is not a dream) , riding my mountain bike to do trails and long rides.
  5. [PH]Negi-bou

    Tanky Coon

    true, dmg suffers a lot and I feel like in due time I'll be stuck in a rut trying to find a party member of damage dealers
  6. [PH]Negi-bou

    Sheep skill questions

    kaboom is definitely a major obstacle for magic users, but you can go party with a pow type or a charm type to help you out with kaboom
  7. [PH]Negi-bou

    Tanky Coon

    yeah I heard so but I think this one needs good equips to support the tankyness
  8. Megalopolis Shop not yet fixed or so, I keep getting booted out of the game back to the login screen due to the error of "Cannot load map"
  9. [PH]Negi-bou

    Tanky Coon

    Well, I tried to challenge myself (I played pure AP Buff when I played eTO years ago), so now I tried making a Racoon with a 4 Sense 4 Charm build, (I can hear peeps saying 'what the hell are you doing?') well I think I'll stick with this and see for myself how will it end but as far as I know these build will be a really tough tank in the end. Hopefully someone can share their insights for this build with me.
  10. [PH]Negi-bou

    Sheep skill questions

    this is the standard elec water sheep yes?
  11. any old guildies left here playing, Enthalphy and Bri if ever, this is Zerkcules and I was hoping we can bring back the old guild
  12. [PH]Negi-bou

    Daily Diary Event (June)

    Diary No. 41 IGN: xPHxNegiSensei Me and my bittersweet relationship with Monkey_T starts (for the love of TM grind I have to do all of these)