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  1. Diary 119 Love Hello.
  2. Diary No. 67 Stars We love a generous kween
  3. Diary 216 Stars Selling Odinea 500m each
  4. Diary No. 77 Stars Completed my SM's outfit a few days after returning. Maybe I'll get a new head acc when a new one comes out.. Hmmmmmm. Thank you for Madame Snow, Xasha! Excited about the coming updates.
  5. Diary No. 395 IGN Stars ~* I love my new Solar Cape *~ ~* ^.^ *~ https://i.gyazo.com/4c3582b6c3ed31ddad55c608e633c026.mp4 :3
  6. Diary 113 IGN Trash Can we make explorer reina permanent? Love the chronos shard alternative
  7. Diary No. 67 IGN Trash Grinded for 5 mins before getting bored. More content soon pls :-3
  8. Diary No. 344 IGN: Trash I did not know the new gacha boxes needed 5m checks so I tried for hyena headband instead (was also not successful)
  9. Diaro No. 240 IGN: Trash Hunting baby @Chelles. Congrats to MooN for climbing up in guild ranks.
  10. Diary No. 220 IGN Trash Got spoiled by Fran
  11. Diary No. 93 IGN: Trash Just talking (since I don't pvp~) with my jokester guildmates ~ :3 we're so random! LOL! Edit: had to add context, as threatened by my guild leader
  12. Diary No. 40 IGN: Love Good investment
  13. Diary No. 24 IGN: Stars Playing trickster on this garbo laptop because the boyfriend is hogging my pc... I'm not used to this resolution
  14. Stars

    Making a Wiz.

    Joke's on you, plvling is garbage here. Sorry you won't be able to enjoy the plvling orgasmic benefits of an AoE mage, but it is still quite easy to get lvl 400. Do all your quests (exp for them is boosted), and do all the mine PQs with a full party, and you will be well on your way there. Edit: I do wanna add if you want to make money, go to path to caballa relics and activate mind's eye. It doesn't give that much exp, but it is a great way to make money and I've gotten from level 280-350 on my sheep grinding for money there. Again, a lengthier process, but kills two birds with one stone.