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  1. Diary No. 259 Magnolia Mechanically loosening up soil to reveal treasure.
  2. Diary No. 219 Magnolia Dureeling
  3. Diary No. 189 Magnolia drilling
  4. Diary No. 167 Magnolia Drilling
  5. Diary No. 136 Magnolia DRILLING
  6. Diary No. 109 Magnolia Drilling.
  7. Diary No. 45 Magnolia dRiLlInG
  8. Diary No. 154 Magnolia Harkon drilling for 3rd job advancement - best time of my life. haHA
  9. Diary No. 94 Grindelwald I am reminded how hard it was to advance to Magician with a newbie dragon. Kaboom was a formidable foe indeed.
  10. Diary No. 63 Grindelwald I have finally set foot in the Megalopolis Shop after the burst of white light that sent me back to the beginning of time (map bug).