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    MyShop [2018-10-29]

    Happy Halloween! Here be a large MyShop update that I can't test (because of lack of time). The following boxes are available until November 12, 2018 (tentative date, due to the sheer amount of boxes). Get them while they're available! If any problems arise, let me know and we'll figure something out! Thank you for your support!
  2. Raymonf

    MyShop [2018-10-29]

    Noted. The stats seem to be present, so we'll fix these in the next maintenance.
  3. Raymonf

    [2018-20] MyShop Poll #6

    Just a quick update: the patch should be live on the 29th or 30th, with no maintenance/downtime (hopefully).
  4. Raymonf

    Whoa, new forum? New site? HEck.

    Welcome back! We don't use this forum all that much, check out our Discord server!
  5. Hello, Tricksters! Starting today, players will have a chance to win MyCamp points depending on how cool they can make their MyCamps! As some may know, MyCamp is 250 MS points individually and 500 MS points for a set, though some sets are currently broken. This event will last until the end of September 2018, and we will individually judge any players that decide to partake in the event. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Prizes 1st Place - 100,000 2nd Place - 75,000 3rd Place - 50,000 4th Place - 30,000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's Sky's MyCamp as an example:
  6. Voting begins now! Moderators get to vote first, and will be opened up soon as a poll.
  7. Hello Tricksters! We will be conducting a 30-minute maintenance on October 12, 2018 at 10:00 PM EDT. It's a small non-content maintenance, just to add: Halloween-themed Megalopolis Square Halloween Square portal at the right of Cherry Blossom 1 We'll have a content patch maintenance very soon. Also, the Gymnast Warren pet date will be extended (and kept until further notice) due to it being bugged. Thank you for your support!
  8. Okay, now that the server is somewhat stable, please post screenshots or a video of your camp. You will have until the 14th to post.
  9. Hello Tricksters! We will be conducting maintenance from 12PM EDT until 8PM EDT on Monday. After the maintenance, we will distribute compensation for the downtime. We will keep track of how many times the server goes down in the future and compensate as necessary. For Monday, we're currently looking at: 10,000 MyShop points per master account Probably not a slave contract TBA Thank you for your continued support! We sincerely apologize for the delay in response to the attacks. Unfortunately, we don't have much infrastructure in place to prevent this kind of attack, but we have a backup plan.
  10. Raymonf

    Maintenance [2018-10-08]

    Rewards have been distributed to anyone that has logged in within a month! - 1x Driller Boy Box - 1x Flicker Drill - 10x GM gift certificate - 10,000 MyShop per master account No IP checks, no strings attached!
  11. Raymonf

    Maintenance [2018-10-08]

    It says "not supported". I'll give it out at around 11pm.
  12. Hello Tricksters! The server is now up. You are now able to connect. We're trying something new - if it doesn't work, we're likely going to use our backup plan. Hopefully stability is better. Thanks for your continued support!
  13. Raymonf

    Maintenance [2018-10-08]

    Oh yeah, we'll switch to Halloween Megalopolis soon:tm:.
  14. Raymonf

    Hardant and Elixirs

    We likely mixed up the elixir IDs... Soon:tm:
  15. Locking as resolved due to no response. gg ntreev
  16. Raymonf

    Sprint Movespeed Bug

    What if it's 80% of 80%?
  17. Raymonf

    Maintenance [2018-10-08]

    No surprise boxes, we'll definitely have a poll. From my Discord announcement last week: Also, we might have a purely stability related maintenance on Monday. We're hoping to return to our regular schedule by the beginning of the week after this one (2 weeks). That means MyShop poll probably a few days before that.
  18. Raymonf

    DDoS Attack Notice [2018-09-24]

    So, I think most of you guys got the message, but if not: we're going to delay some updates until we can solve this at least partially. From Discord (I'm leaving the formatting like this): Raymonf上星期一晚上7點07分 @everyone I just wanted to let everyone know that we're still on this and we might have a "solution". We don't have a date yet, but we hope it's soon. Until then, we won't be changing the patch/MyShop items so that everyone has a fair chance* to get the items.(已編輯 Raymonf上星期一晚上11點12分 *except Mac players
  19. Hello Tricksters! It has come to our attention that we are repeatedly being DDoSed. This would be the reason for the mass disconnections. Unfortunately, we aren't able to do anything at this time. When the attacker decides to stop, the server will return in a stable state. Thank you for your continued support, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
  20. That's odd, we haven't touched any drop rates at all.
  21. Hello Tricksters! We will be restarting the server tomorrow at 5 PM EDT in order to fix an issue with the new event's pet exchange item list. 50x Salamander's egg has been replaced with 100x Nora Doll. Thank you for your support!