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  1. Raymonf

    Trouble when multiclient

    It's an issue with crappy graphics drivers.
  2. We've received complaints from some players that would like the nerf on Magical Soul to be reversed. Please vote on the poll here. We value everyone's feedback, so please feel free to reply if you have anything you'd like to say.
  3. We will not be accepting votes from accounts created after the poll. So far, we're looking at subtracting 5 from the "unnerf" and 3 from the "nerf" section. A possible solution is to create a copy of the skill and then replace the original skill with a nerfed one when someone hits lv100 in the database. Another solution would be to completely disallow the skill in PVP areas (which I think should be possible). Thoughts?
  4. Raymonf

    Removing Damage Absorption (Bosses)

    This is intended behaviour since they're bosses. Unfortunately, we don't plan on changing this. Sorry!
  5. This is a known issue, we're still looking into the cause. Sorry!
  6. Raymonf

    Mind's Eye Skill

    Nope, not that file.
  7. Raymonf

    Hayi - 2018/7/27

    Related to: On the other hand, there was also trashtalking from the other side. Punishment: Mute Duration: 24h
  8. Raymonf

    One more Ammo slot

    Nope. LF> Source code
  9. Raymonf

    Mail problem

    They should be in the character called "type" now. Is that okay?
  10. Raymonf

    Afrit Pet Bug?

    I've replaced your pet with Lyr E1.
  11. Raymonf

    control panel Daily rewards timer

    Skip 1 day and claim it early on. It's 24 hours based on your last claim, not the server time.
  12. Raymonf

    control panel Daily rewards timer

    No, I get it. We're just going to stick by the dictionary definition.
  13. Hello Tricksters! We have added a web-based couple request system. Simply put, it lets you become couples with a character that wouldn't normally work. (If you haven't caught the drift yet, it means we added gay marriage.) Please note that we have not tested marriage with couples created with this system. Please let us know how that goes. Also, we understand that some players may be offended by the existence of this system. In that case, please bear with us and keep in mind that the gender of a character may not necessarily represent the gender of a player. To use the system, head to our control panel at https://panel.lifeto.co. Then, select "Miscellaneous" and then "Couple System". You will need to ask your partner to accept your request, as there are no notifications. Known Issues The person that you request may see themselves as partners with themselves. Marriage requires us to change one character to the opposite gender if the couple is same-sex. After a same-sex marriage, the skill will only work for 1 player and the game will still think that one side isn't married/a couple. Thank you for your support!
  14. Are you sure you bought the right item? Our system says it's correct.
  15. Raymonf

    control panel Daily rewards timer

    Well, 1 day is 24 hours. Unfortunately we don't plan to change the amount of hours.
  16. Raymonf

    Afrit Pet Bug?

    Oh no... this is happening again. We'll fix it in the next maintenance somehow.
  17. Raymonf

    LifeTO Appreciation

  18. Raymonf

    LifeTO Appreciation

    We like rice
  19. Raymonf

    Mind's Eye Skill

    I'm looking for the sprite. If anyone knows the NRI file it's in, tag me pls
  20. You have one? I'll switch Royalty's name around.
  21. Raymonf

    Coupon weight

  22. Hello Tricksters! Based on a suggestion from @shanni, we have updated the level ranking page to have a search bar so you can see your rank and a guild name column. In addition, you can now go through multiple pages using the page switcher. Each page will show 300 characters, and only characters past level 20 will be ranked. You can see the ranking page on our control panel's sidebar: https://beta.lifeto.co Thank you for your support!