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  1. Hello Tricksters! To promote the creation of actual shops in-game, we have decided to remove the marketplace's order listing on our control panel. The item manager not be affected. Another reason behind this is that another developer created the system, so we do not understand the code. If a bug occurs, we won't be able to fix it. We are also unable to implement new features like pagination for that reason. You will still be able to store items in the online bank and transfer items between characters. The only functionality that will be removed is the creation of public sell orders. We are aware that some items are currently untradeable in-game. We have been working on making MyShop items and certain otherwise untradeable items tradeable. If you run across an item that you think should be tradeable, please post a report in this thread. Beginning on 2018-07-08, players will no longer be able to create public orders on the marketplace. Beginning on 2018-07-15, the marketplace will only show private orders. Our goal is for LifeTO to have more features in-game. We welcome any feedback you may have. Thank you for your support!
  2. No, Windows 7 is lighter than 10 (though 10 is faster in general, in my experience). We're working on wine support. Soon:tm:?
  3. Fixed last patch.
  4. I just checked, Mint is available. Do you mean PayPal? Either way, I've enabled PayPal for Norway.
  5. Your name triggers me
  6. I'm in contact with the Themida people to figure this out. We'll hopefully have another release soon that will fix wine support. We don't support it, as MyShop doesn't work.
  7. Raymonf

    CardUI issues

    That looks like a graphics card issue?
  8. Post updated to reflect v20180624A.
  9. Raymonf

    Character log in

    Resolved privately.
  10. Yeah, this isn't a bug. Most sites and games out there have case-insensitive usernames.
  11. Hello Tricksters! We have updated our statistics page, which is available on our control panel. To see this page, you can log in to our panel and then click the "players online" text, or this link: https://beta.lifeto.co/app#/statistics Old: New: To see this page, you can log in to our panel and then click the "players online" text, or this link: https://beta.lifeto.co/app#/statistics Thank you for your support!
  12. Raymonf

    Abrupt Server Restart [2018-06-22]

    Farewell Letter has always been a pain to get. I usually skip that quest
  13. Hello Tricksters! Today, at around 2:10AM, we've performed an abrupt server restart. We have discovered an issue where the game server can crash, causing some players to be disconnected. We have attempted to fix the crash issue, but we are not sure if it works or not. Only time can tell. The issue was caused by a division by zero operation, which is not allowed in programming. We simply try to avoid the division by zero, but at this point, we're not sure what the repercussions are, either. As the server has been restarted, players that did not follow the instructions broadcasted have been disconnected. This includes the few AFK drillers online at the time of the restart. Thank you for your support! This post used to be the server restart post (which never happened). It has been reused to explain why we restarted the server. Original post:
  14. Raymonf

    Abrupt Server Restart [2018-06-22]

    Update: The OP has been updated to reflect the abrupt server restart.
  15. Raymonf

    Relist option for marketplace

    If only I understood the code...
  16. Raymonf

    Torobbie & Sppo As Pets?

    Rice balls
  17. Raymonf

    Sugestões de vendas

    1/3: Sorry, we aren't going to make those tradeable/sellable. 2: @Sky ?
  18. Raymonf

    [Marriage Bug] Caballa Hall

    We'll investigate soon(TM).
  19. Raymonf

    Abrupt Server Restart [2018-06-22]

    For reference...
  20. Should be fixed, sorry!
  21. Does it still error after the new patch?