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    Stats ShowCase~

  2. Raymonf

    My shop can't buy item

    Please try now.
  3. Hello Tricksters! We have released a patch that should hopefully fix issues with Megalopolis Shop and Event Garden not loading. This is a non-maintenance patch. Thank you for your support.
  4. Raymonf

    Myshop Error?

    No idea how that code randomly broke. Either way I fixed it (and a possible SQLi vulnerability while I was at it). Sorry about that!
  5. Raymonf

    Open reward coupon

    I'm unlocking this for the time being, in case there are any further bugs related to the warehouse portion of the item manager. @picol135 Please check to see if your items are there now.
  6. Raymonf

    Server Reopening Date

    Yeah, except you can't buy driller pets.
  7. Hello Tricksters! You can now access your warehouse (first page) items on the Item Manager on our control panel. This is particularly useful if you receive an error while trying to open your warehouse after talking to Lovely Angelina. Please note that you are only able to take out items from the warehouse. You can select "warehouse" from the character list. You can access the Item Manager here: https://beta.lifeto.co/item-manager Thank you for your continued support!
  8. Hello Tricksters! We have released a bug-fix to Sunday's patch. Please see this thread for the last set of patch notes. Fixed other Spicy Dragon trial errors. No more exceptional errors! Added missing map (Paradise PvP). No more map loading failures! Removed Tapasco Theme Spa portal from Gate of Tapasco Volcano temporarily while we sort out the missing NPC issue. The theme spa will definitely make a return in the future--it's just not ready yet. Thank you for your continued support!
  9. Hello Tricksters! We have released a quick bug-fix to yesterday's patch. Please see this thread for more information. Fixed Spicy Dragon trial errors Thank you for your continued support.
  10. Raymonf

    Willow Special Set in Myshop

    Should be fixed now, PM me if it isn't.
  11. Raymonf

    security password

    Hm, we'll add a "reset pin" function later. For now we can't do anything about this :(
  12. Hello Tricksters! We've released a minor patch today with the following: Test version of Tapasco Theme Spa Most NPCs are either missing or untranslated No more "You cannot be dug up here." In other words, we've fixed the grammar. Fixed the bug where you can't get in-game. The patcher should no longer require administrator rights. Thank you for your continued support.
  13. Raymonf

    security password

    Do you mean the in-game PIN?
  14. Hello Tricksters! We've finally released our daily reward system. The system allows you to roll a random item on the control panel every day. Currently, the system only supports a set of common items. In the future, it will have normal and rare items. You can test it out here: https://beta.lifeto.co/app#/rewards If you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave a reply below. Thank you for your continued support!
  15. Raymonf

    Give Cherry Blossom a use!

    By the way, we're working on this... https://github.com/Raymonf/TricksterMap
  16. Yup! It'll be up in an hour or 2, just going through Windows Update.
  17. Raymonf

    Hi! :D

    >Dorothy hmmmmmmmmmm
  18. Finally fixed! It turns out this was the issue: https://github.com/Microsoft/msphpsql/wiki/Features#lastinsertid Passing in the table name didn't even work, so we have to use a separate query just to get the last insert ID. I guess that's what we get for using trash!
  19. Hello Tricksters! Today, we've fixed two bugs related to authentication. Registration If you've tried to register in the last few days, you may not have been able to due to being unable to select a date. That bug has now been fixed, and you should now be able to select a date by clicking the date field. Password Reset If you need a password reset, the link that is sent to you should now work. In addition to that, the e-mail shouldn't be from example.com anymore. Thank you!
  20. Raymonf

    Myshop Enhance

  21. Yeah, this is a Trickster bug. It's not fixable (unless you give us the source code).
  22. Hello Tricksters! Today, we've added a new field to the MyShop purchase form to specify how many of an item you want. Here's a look at the new field: As the tip says, you won't be able to buy multiple equips at the same time. If the system works correctly, the quantity should default to 1 automatically. After a purchase, you should be able to see the quantity of the item you've purchased, as highlighted: If the number here doesn't match the amount of items you've received, please post here with the name of the item and we'll investigate. Thank you!
  23. Raymonf

    Hello :D

  24. You should now be able to change your forum name without it affecting your master account. Sorry about that!