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    Connection error

    Oh, can you also send update.log?
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    Connection error

    Run as admin.
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    Events Mods Can Host

    needs more boxes Edit: I forgot to quote this: >probably GM Certs or something like that
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    Just here to flex my drawing skills

    Why jpg? There are so many artifacts now! I bet your masterpiece would be 100000x better if you used a lossless format. I mean, look at these artifacts:
  6. <insert a stupid pride flag here>
  7. Hi. I do web stuff for this thing. I also do some other stuff for this thing. Please don't hack us. Hello. Context of the title: console.log(typeof raymonf.existence !== 'undefined') Output: true
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    A beautiful essay. Hello again!
  9. That might be our client file (Trickster.bin) getting eaten by your antivirus. Since we pack it, it might be detected as a virus. Try to add your LifeTO folder to your antivirus exception list.