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  1. Diary No.113 IGN:Freikugel GoldenShot you're a ç*!é[email protected]**"!£ Provide me FIllers too you °çé*@#-#]+é"!!
  2. Diary No. 82 IGN: Freikugel mlmlmlmlml Farming more CFs since nobody provides me fillers for Tap PQs
  3. Diary No. 64 IGN: Freikugel mlmlmlmlml easy moneh while waiting for this cursed community to provide me PQ Fillers, (I hate all of you btw)
  4. Diary No. 52 IGN: Freikugel Guess who was provided with a Draconic shield?
  5. Diary No. 34 IGN:Freikugel About to go farm some CFs.. oh and, Im a Wind/Water SM now... loving it like McDonald's...
  6. Diary No. 23 IGN:Freikugel Provide me Draconic Shield, and AFKers for Tapasco Mines PQs thanks, apprecciated, much love kkthxbye.
  7. Diary No. 12 IGN:Freikugel PQing in Caballa Mines.. By the way.. you ..YES you reading.. Provide me Draconic Shield
  8. Here is the problem, can anyone help?
  9. Leonnow

    Be part of the team!

    I don't know if anyone remembers me but im back, had some issues in real life, I'd love to join back into the community and help it grow strong again, i see the potential in the game, but we lack of content creators, I'd love to create content, and im bringing my girlfriend which is a new player to the game, I'm terrible but if anyone got a suggestion for me on how to help out the game please let me know, i'm willing to to anything for LifeTO
  10. Diary No. 9 Foxa Farming Galders out of my In game Husbando Donaldo Turampo
  11. Leonnow

    Server Reopening Date

    Ok but I want to open the game, NOW!!!11!!
  12. Leonnow

    Hello good old Trickster Online <(^_^)>

    there's a guides section in the forum, you may post something there, Noobs like me would really apprecciated, played trickster for 7 years,and I never know how to play any other class But Dark Lord. ty.
  13. Leonnow

    Hello Everyone

    Pshh, priest, my dark magic will eat you and all your dearest, even your kitten, yes. i said it, your kitten too.
  14. Leonnow

    Hi! :D

    More like if you have any question Dorothy, anyways welcome, if you like cuteness this game is an overload of it. Lol
  15. Leonnow

    Well Hi

    Well hello mate, I can relate to the sentence "my hearth sank when the official servers went down" I honestly didn't want to see the game ending so I left a week before, I was 16 by then, I'm a grown man right now, and I'm waiting like a baby for his moma outside of school for this game, thank you for thanking the devs team and the mods working behind all this, you reminded me I haven't did it myself so yeah @Sky @Nessie thank you a lot, I believe in you, and a thanks to other people behind this that I don't know are involved too (I didn't mention Daymonf cause I don't even know how to spell that haha my bad!)