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  1. Here is the problem, can anyone help?
  2. Leonnow

    New Year, New People!

    I don't know if anyone remembers me but im back, had some issues in real life, I'd love to join back into the community and help it grow strong again, i see the potential in the game, but we lack of content creators, I'd love to create content, and im bringing my girlfriend which is a new player to the game, I'm terrible but if anyone got a suggestion for me on how to help out the game please let me know, i'm willing to to anything for LifeTO
  3. Diary No. 9 Foxa Farming Galders out of my In game Husbando Donaldo Turampo
  4. Leonnow

    Server Reopening Date

    Ok but I want to open the game, NOW!!!11!!
  5. Leonnow

    Hello good old Trickster Online <(^_^)>

    there's a guides section in the forum, you may post something there, Noobs like me would really apprecciated, played trickster for 7 years,and I never know how to play any other class But Dark Lord. ty.
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    Hello Everyone

    Pshh, priest, my dark magic will eat you and all your dearest, even your kitten, yes. i said it, your kitten too.
  7. Leonnow

    Hi! :D

    More like if you have any question Dorothy, anyways welcome, if you like cuteness this game is an overload of it. Lol
  8. Leonnow

    Well Hi

    Well hello mate, I can relate to the sentence "my hearth sank when the official servers went down" I honestly didn't want to see the game ending so I left a week before, I was 16 by then, I'm a grown man right now, and I'm waiting like a baby for his moma outside of school for this game, thank you for thanking the devs team and the mods working behind all this, you reminded me I haven't did it myself so yeah @Sky @Nessie thank you a lot, I believe in you, and a thanks to other people behind this that I don't know are involved too (I didn't mention Daymonf cause I don't even know how to spell that haha my bad!)
  9. Leonnow

    Events Mods Can Host

    @Sky Yeah I've check back it wasn't the game discord, but a sub discord of a guild taking place in LifeTO, My bad. (the discord i was banned from) anyways doesn't change what I said, I've seem some uncomfortable behavior on mods on the last LifeTO server, I'm glad you're also thinking about this to avoid future issues. thanks VERY APPRECCIATED
  10. Please no, you will end up playing the game no longer than a few days Me vs Playtrickster 2 not full days = lv 270 Do we really want this? I just want my old beautiful Trickste Online back, the only thing that comes up to my mind is to have weekly events to increase exp and Tm to get more people online at the same time, and at this point also have a server event such hide and seek where winners actually get Galders/4g/Fuses/Current Event Boxes(not a lot of stuff please but make it relevant to get more people to want to partecipate, personally I always skipped these events caus i find gm tickets pointless) also may make 1 run harder to achieve where 1 person and only can win a huge prize? Doesn't need to be Hide and seek, it can be A Q&A about trickster (if anyone have better ideas please feel free to quote this, these things are getting old) Also I just came up to something, Can we have something cool like town's invasion? Example: every 1 day of the week towns are invaded by 1 dangerous World Boss, when it goes down everyone on the field gets 1 special ticket to exchange for driller pets etc (like 5 tickets 1 driller pet 7 days..since you can get 1 daily.. or 2 ..well you know where I'm trying to get..obviously non tradable tickets) and maybe a few lucky get more then 1 ticket? or a special item? like 4g... (please very very low chance) Just a couple of idea, don't judge too hard, also my english sucks, watch out for typos. lol
  11. Leonnow

    Events Mods Can Host

    Well, I hoenstly don't like to have anyone as Moderator, I'd agree with it only the moment I am sure I have the most professional Moderator equal to everyone and not thirsty of Fame and Power, those people annoy me, I got banned from LifeTO discord cause I expressed my opinion by one of these great amateur Moderators, I'd istantly give up on this server if an idiot has the power of an in Game GM. I've seen many P.server Dying cause of such people doing favoritizim and this in a way happened also in last LifeTO server. @Sky careful on who you give power in your discord server. Not too long ago I had my Bf on a discord of mine as Mod, but being my Bf didn't make him good enough to be a good Mod, what I want to say if you happen to need help with Moderation make sure the person is qualified please, as I said, you may take even 10 years before this launches, just make it perfect my dude.
  12. Leonnow

    Eclipse's Gacha Fashion

    I'm a simple guy, I play trickster and wear what I can find. - Highset Lv and Strongest Dark Lord.. (I think, probably tho) in Na Fantasia Server, But also the UGLIEST
  13. if you make it harder can you also make it Pve only instead of Pvp area? I used to get bullied by best guilds as a Solo player. Also, I'd love to see multiple systeams to gain gear, like solo hunting (takes a ton of time) and Party Raids etc whichi is faster. Example: I am solo player i want to no life farm this monsters cause they drop and exchangable item to an NPC to get the gear I need. Example: we are a guild we are friends we farm this raid boss (daily limit) we gain the items to trade to NPC faster than solo players. A bit of latest MMORPG element may not be a bad idea? (as long as the Tradable items arent broke and whole sets) these items should be permanent sprints, vests and capes, or just boxes that you may also buy in the Cash Shop this is just a suggestion i'm not reading back searching for typoes etc, do not take this too serious, was just wondering what kind of way this game may get and @Sky was curious how much work it actually is. but it definitelly feels a lot.
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    That's weird, have you checked on spam mails?
  15. Leonnow

    Yoh supp everyone

    Well, that's some serious presentation, hello buddy. :D
  16. Leonnow

    Invisible Equipment Thread

    @Sky How about Afrina 240 ? and also Hurrican 150? Picture #1 As you can see below, pet is nowhere next to me even tho I still gain stats effects it brings Picture #2 I also have this message everytime i change map when I have once of these 2 pets equipped. -------------- Sky Update: Fixed
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  19. Well, I don't think removing them would be a good idea, drilling would become way too easy that way honestly, just give those items a purpose, increase their selling value on the NPC shop, make them tradable for something useful, and example may be 250 Tourmaline = Icecream Drill/Flicker Dril Etc... if this may be a thing make it Drilling related please. :D Love you Sky take your time releasing the official pserver~ just make it great my dude
  20. Leonnow

    Egg Shop Suggestion Thread

    1. Item Name: Flicker Drill 2. Suggested Price: 1 Egg 3. Reason for suggesting: It's something usefull everyone would like to have in their inventory, and it's nothing so special that has no reason not to be in a shop & Cause everyone have the right to drill wherever they like with a decent speed 4. Photo/s of the item:
  21. I think that's part of a Trickster life, sometimes struggling is what make yuo play a game for a long time, we dont want this to be PlayTrickster right?... RIGHT!?
  22. Leonnow

    Your most NOOB moment

    I guess we are, lol
  23. Yeah, I'd love to see new ways to gain gear, such as crafting them etc, for example like Shadow Harkon items, I'd actually love to see Shadow harkon defense to be a bigger part of the game, something that you need to do in order to have the best items just like boss hunting. and something i don't want to see is the shadowtower gear taking over and ruin most of the content in the game making it worthless haha
  24. Leonnow

    Your most NOOB moment

    Noobest moment in my life? My lv 378 Dark lord in NaTo used to be build 2 4 1 3 and full MP build till lv 260-280 or something? Also, Private info to hide it of course, way too shameful to let'em know ! haha
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    Hola my friend!