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  1. Diary no. 87 IGN: Klasko Finally hit lvl 400 yesterday and celebrating alone by sliding through Laplanoel.. The real fun began a second later though. LOL
  2. it would be cool if all elemental lvl 320 weapons like Hurricane rapier and fire gods sword would be droppable from weird boxes at the same time and not only the fire sword, so for example air focused power types would have a reason to open them too, and not only coons/foxes for goddess stuff :D
  3. Diary no. 45 IGN: Klasko just letting my character chill in my favouritve place, while i do other important stuff.. Cherry Blossom is so beatiful !
  4. Diary no. 15 IGN: Klasko Happy to spend my last hour of a regular work day with LifeTO and my crush... ME !
  5. klasko

    Changing the Interval of MyShop Releases

    What do you think about the Idea, that you update the Myshop every 15 days, but make the boxes stay for 30 days ? i think that would be pretty nice
  6. Diary No. 181 IGN: Klasko My first time using driller boy at lvl 211, really took me some time, but those low drop rates aren't fun at all..
  7. Diary No. 164 IGN: Klasko Somehow managed to finish all Mirage island quests including the Bloody Rune quest AND the whole 3rd job advancement procedure with the help of my lovely friends. D