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    O/X Quiz [2018-06-23]

    pls give more than 7 hours advance notice next time
  2. Before the most recent patch I was able to store and retrieve my Adventurer's Book to/from Online Storage just fine. Now, I can't retrieve my Adventurer's Book from Online Storage. When I try I get the error seen below in the picture (and yes, I was logged off of my character when trying).
  3. UberPrinny

    Longer buff durations.

    Please make buffs longer. For my lion I have 5 buffs I need to actively keep up and the shortest duration is 108 secs (which is very short). It takes me about 10 secs (yes I did time it) to cast all my buffs and since it takes so long to do this I need to run away from mobs and find a safe area to do this. All in all, buffs are a pain in the butt and improving the duration would be sooo nice for me. Also don't make the MP cost go up too much, if at all, because my lion has a crappy Max MP and casting all my buffs together already take most of my MP bar. Out of all the options listed above I think making buffs around 5 - 10 mins would be most reasonable.
  4. UberPrinny

    Daily Diary Event (June)

    Diary No. 114 IGN: UberShot I am writing this diary post for the sole intent of wanting to win those AMAZING AWESOME "Bad Feng Shui Tier" rewards. I simply cannot get enough of them POTIONS! POOOOOTIOOONS!!! When I reached Lvl 135 I got this kinda creepy letter in the mail. Initially I thought this was just a joke that some GM did or some kinda custom private server game. So I tried to do as the letter asked . I soon realized that this item was untradeable and then after doing some research realized that it is actually a part of the real game for enlightenment quest . (I never got this far in eTO to be fair...) After that escapade, I decided it was time to finally get to 3rd job. I had been preparing for the past 2 days to get all the necessary items (AND MONEY) for job advancement. I was finally ready. So I enter the 16 trials! After some VIGOROUS POTTING (WHICH I HOPE TO WIN MORE OF) and some close calls (especially on the 16th trial) I finally got to my Scientist job!
  5. UberPrinny

    Trickster Annoyance Remover

    Nice work. I too thought that some sounds were much louder than needed to be. I had to lower the volume on my Gun Booster buff (which is the same sound as Adrenaline).
  6. I want the ability to sell items to NPC on my character/online storage directly from the Item Manager web panel. I know that there are already things in the works for the Item Manager and Marketplace panels. Just thought I'd list this idea. It would be really convenient as I wouldn't need to worry about weight or finding NPCs when selling huge amounts of items (especially those tap mine drops ). Edit: Nevermind the weight thing, I'm dumb and didn't realize you can have over 100% weight if you withdraw from Online Storage .
  7. UberPrinny

    Skills and Cards Guide

    Inventor's Double Shot Mastery requires 5 Small Cannonballs instead of 3 Okto cards. I hate the dev that changed this. Makes mastering Double Shot a pain if you wanna do it asap