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  1. Method: Google

    Keyword: Trickster Online

    Details: I was wanting to play TO again after such a long time (since eTO), and when I searched up "Trickster Online" on Google, I got the PlayTrickster website on the first result. I had already seen this website before and I honestly thought it was the official server still running :shame:. After browsing through the PlayTrickster website and trying to see if my account still existed (still thinking this is eTO...), I started to have doubts, and checked if eTO was still up only to see that it died in 2013 :cry:.

    So then I realized that PlayTrickster was a private server and I started looking at other entries on the "Trickster Online" google search. I found the LifeTO website on the 2nd? or 3rd? entry, and saw that it was doing a server re-opening. Thinking that it was gonna be a fresh server start (little did I know tho :shame:), I would get to start fresh with everyone else on an even playing ground... So I waited for the re-opening and that's how I ended up joining this server :heartt:.

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  2. Diary No. 322  Why are there so many entries?!? My chances at winning :sweat: are going down!!!
    IGN: UberShot

    Yup, you guessed it, more dailies! 
    Recruited 2 members!! :arrogant: Where are you people coming from?

    Drilled in Spicy trials all night/morning to prepare for upcoming Spicy slaughter...

    Helping out the poor (guildies). :gift:Tried to help with SCs but :no:

    Getting a whole lot of... nothing...   B> Luck

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  3. 15 hours ago, xJewelx said:

    Just turn off your "Special Effect" Option to make that minds eye's effect disappear, if you want to farm gloom faster . :cool:

    But doing that will turn off all other visual effects... :puke:

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  4. Eclipse only shows up once per day at a specific time. Also she is only available for like around ~10 mins.

    She leaves when Harkon Defense is over, so if people are doing Harkon then she will stay longer.

    See here for times when and where she will be: http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Harkon_Protector.html

    The times are on the wiki are accurate to the server time (EDT).

    For example, Eclipse will show up in Caballa Relics at 1am EDT.


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