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  1. Diary no.662 BunnyBGoode Hide and seek
  2. Diary no.652 BunnyBGoode More cardID, got some skills to masta
  3. Diary no.636 BunnyBGoode Sleep all day
  4. Diary no.620 BunnyBGoode Bought a skill for my forgotten prima
  5. Diary no.596 BunnyBGoode So tempted to buy some sc im so tired from cardID
  6. Diary no.579 BunnyBGoode Somebody save meee
  7. Diary no.566 BunnyBGoode Third day of CardID,
  8. Diary No. 544 BunnyBGoode Just 5 more SC and my first guardian will be born , also this bunny next to me is so cute <3
  9. Diary No. 522 BunnyBGoode Doing cardID
  10. Diary No. 480 BunnyBGoode Got a corset and a nikarium from the daily rewards
  11. Diary No. 462 BunnyBGoode Almost done w snow hill
  12. Diary No. 439 BunnyBGoode No pet got a 4s cape, but i want the pet
  13. Diary No. 412 BunnyBGoode Event done
  14. Diary No. 391 BunnyBGoode Finished swamp/epi 4 and 5, now to Snow hill
  15. Diary No. 343 BunnyBGoode Doing black swamp quests