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  1. What ever yall did to fix the image of the stats showing up cause her stats to be changed. where as her stats are the following
  2. regret

    [2018-11] MyShop Poll #7

    Then how about putting back the cfs exchange. make it so that you can exchange 260 and 290s for either 200s 215s 230s or 245s. same for the 350s 335 and 320s to exchange for 305s since there are nothing to use on those, unless you guys have some plans for equips in the future. Just tired of half of these cfs collecting dust and having no greater use. Also you should vote to see if people would perfer to keep the tempering at 3 cfs per or change it to 1.
  3. regret

    [2018-11] MyShop Poll #7

    just a minor sugesstion since there are an abundance of lvl 250 equips(including pouchs) and nothing at 260 why not bump the paifait and gelatina equips to 260 if thats possible so that we have something to use our 260 cfs on instead of being hungry for 245s. Ps. i know this is the wrong tab but by the time you look in suggestions it will be 2years later.
  4. regret

    My massive amount of suggestions.

    1.1 Powerful dagger changes - easy So we all know Powerful swords give ap power staffs give ma and powerful guns give gun ap but powerful daggers give ap??? I think the ap should be removed from the powerful daggers and it should be refinable for da and the comped changed to ac and lk. this will make foxes more viable in many places since foxes lack a da refinable weapon and just turning powerful daggers into something more useful will give fox players a weapon to work for. 1.2 Ac/Lk refinable hats- Lion equipable only - Hard?? I don't know how the game works in all but I think Lions should have a personal hat that either refines for ac or refines for lk to make up for the lack of a shield. I do not know if you are able to put a gun req on a hat so this is something the devs will have to look into. The reason being lions lacking a shield killing their survival stats alot so instead of going for trying to make guns more op why not give lions a gun req equipable hat to give them the edge in their rough life style. (but regret foxes will be able to use these equips and make it unfair). I have a idea for that altho it may cause issues but more information on that in 2.3 Sense skill changes 1.3 Useless equip changes and upgrading stats - long process/time consuming This one will be the long one and it will take time and data to determine what equipment should be changed and what shouldn't be changed. The reason behind this is due to the fact we are limited to alot of low level equipment. Soon we will be running out of boxes and wont have anything else to buy. Once again I do not know how the game works but we could get rid of alot of the low level equipment such as buff box 50 and so forth. Deleting those equips and replace them with a higher version of themselves. so lets say we decide to do 1st job boxes first. These boxes should all be the same level regardless of buff/bunny box. So 1stjob boxes can be level 260, 2ndjob boxes can level 290. 3rdjob boxes jk. This being said it gives us room for other boxes to be given different levels such as 275 305 320 335 and so forth. I would rather per it to follow the cfs line to give all cfs usefulness. Again this is just an opinon to give us more equipment options and more gear to play with/work on (rip current gear xD).
  5. These suggestions are my own opinions and things I personally think that would benefit not just any single player but most of the player base and might even bring in more people. Some of these ideas might take more work than it is worth but still It is worth a shot to give more to this server. To make this clean and not randomly packed into 1 post I will use muti post so people can look at what they are interested in and react or quote it. I may edit this as I change or add ideas. 1. Equipment changes 2. class and skill mods 3.monster spawn and drop changes 4. daily revamp 5.Exchanging useless items to make more useful items.
  6. regret

    Level 20 Gift Box

    visual bug. when you relog you will see him.
  7. regret

    Patch Notes [2018-09-10]

    thanks for the update but could we pls think about removing the trash items like the items the mobs drop, comp stones and resist crystals/ sharp pieces are fine but everything else should be gone since they dont drop cards, I dont think they need to drop their items from the original forms. Nevermind overthinking it sharp pieces should be removed too lol no one uses those and the comp stones should go too unless they are change to 275-305
  8. regret

    Maintenance [2018-09-10]

    hopefully they remove all the random stuff they drop and only make them drop gear like shadow monsters.
  9. regret

    Emergency Maintenance [2018-08-29]

    let me repharse that. You know how there are 3 floors right. yes so floor 1 can be lvl 200+ monsters floor 2 level 300+ monsters and floor 3 level 400+ monsters something like that.
  10. regret

    Emergency Maintenance [2018-08-29]

    Minor suggestion. I didn't get to test this but I heard you guys made the monsters stronger and the drop good but since some people are gonna be spending alot of time there and this is suppose to be for end game people can u make the monsters level 300-400+ atleast to compare to the stat increase and what not. So people can grind and get exp while they get money. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt anyone.
  11. imo I would rather them add the disassemble fused rather than to make those level 400 equips tradeable. Those equips are op as it is and being only able to get 1 per char balances it out alot so looking for them to be tradeable is a no but looking for equips to be unfuseable sounds more realistic,