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  1. The game? yeah. The hotkeys? yeah. But I'm confused as to why they sometimes disappear when I log back in after a long while of being away.
  2. Kaio

    Invisible Equipment

    Ohhh, okay! thanks!
  3. I'm tired of going all the way to Mega from Event Garden to get my things. I'm trying to help some friends atm, so it would be easier if you added the NPCs to Event Garden please. :3
  4. Method: Google Keywords: Trickster Online Private Server Details: I had a dream that Trickster was all decked out with new things to do and new classes and stuff like that, so I decided to search for it again the next day! it was the first one I saw.
  5. Kaio

    Re-colour Suggestions Thread (Fashion)

    Ohhhhh, I see. Aaaaaaaaa! I hope @shanni (or whoever is Shanny in game) and Crystal do the same!
  6. Kaio

    One more Ammo slot

    Alright! I hope you find it soon!
  7. Kaio

    One more Ammo slot

    For Sense types (or for all if you can't do it for only one), could you make another ammo slot for them? one for throwing items and the default for bullets?
  8. Kaio

    Invisible Equipment

    This has been bugging me for a while now, but is it possible for us to have the option to make our equipment invisible? I've heard some other server has that option.
  9. Yeah, I have been running as admin, and sometimes the game crashes. And also yes, I have been closing the game using that method.
  10. Kaio

    Re-colour Suggestions Thread (Fashion)

    So when are these gonna be implemented? @Sky
  11. Kaio

    Re-colour Suggestions Thread (Fashion)

    Exactly what it says on the tin. I would want some green sheep fashion, similar colors to first job green fashion. I know there's another thread similar, with Fashion, but I want to make sure you guys notice this.
  12. So I just watched Roxe and Vampyr get married, and the text is still in a different language.
  13. I don't think this is a part of the game. Whenever I log back in after a lag spike or after days has gone by, my skills disappear from my hotkeys and I have to re-set them again. Anyway to fix this?