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  1. Yohhsteve

    Daily Diary Event (May)

    Diary No. 38 IGN: Incarnation I'm the pvp npc, I will send you to the battlefields if you talk to me.
  2. Yohhsteve

    Daily Diary Event (May)

    Diary No: 23 IGN: Incarnation Covering up the supreme overlord @momokoto, I will protect you all from the tyranny. Also new colors
  3. Yohhsteve

    Daily Diary Event (May)

    Diary No. 2 IGN: GoldenShot NEW EVENT? NANI?
  4. Yohhsteve

    Ugliest Trickster Contest

    Name: Yohhsteve Entry No. 17 Hi, welcome to Mr. YohhPoopyHairSteve's classroom today. I hope you brought some toilet paper~
  5. Yohhsteve

    Ugliest Trickster Contest

    Name: Artoria Entry Number: 5
  6. Diary No. 337 YohhSteve Someone is in their feels after getting killed once at PD LOL
  7. Diary No. 325 Scarra XD
  8. Diary No. 315 Scarra Give me driller boy cuz it's better than top prizes
  9. Lucky Diary No. 300 GoldenShot After multiple fails, long old chrome hunting, I've done it. Had 9 nikariums so I tried to hunt 18 old chromes, but after 3 hours I only found 8 old chromes @[email protected]; So I gave up and just went to compound 4 of them. First try was a fail and that made me so mad LOL then the last 3 were successful and 2 of them were 3s pwf. chromes! RNG GODS ARE TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS!!!!! (Took 26 total Nikariums for these 3s chromes) Shoutout to @Chelle for giving me 10 nikariums and some maps ~ @Gunna For saving me 1 nikarium to buy and giving me 1 map XD. And shoutout to @StanMarshDarsh For his money problems, we all feel that.
  10. Diary No. 287 GoldenShot Pretty active today~ saw more players play, failed some pwf chromes, got some shards... overall nice active trickster day ^_^
  11. Diary No. 279 Scarra Buy from me and it will set you free~
  12. Diary No. 271 Scarra Buy some Waifus' so I can buy more XD
  13. Diary No. 246 Artoria A new guild is born~ R > Fighting Fashionistas
  14. Dear Diary No. 238 Scarra Sold Bunny Maid! I'm FILTHY rich!
  15. Diary No. 227 GoldenShot @Chelle NOT ENOUGH CREDIT 8D @Chelle > @StanMarshDarsh LOL
  16. Diary No. 212 GoldenShot When dying more than you kill = winning @StanMarshDarsh
  17. Diary No. 190 Yohhsteve UHD SCREENSHOT?
  18. Diary No. 174 Yohhsteve Last day of pimpin' the mine with all my slaves in there
  19. Diary No. 163 Artoria Mental preparation for the tournament....and some window shopping??
  20. Diary No. 149 GoldenShot I'm a god damn melee lion WARRIOR
  21. Diary No. 135 GoldenShot Just watching @AbaddoN farm caballa endlessly
  22. Yohhsteve

    1st Caballa Fight Club

    Registration form for 3 v 3: Bracket: 301-400 Member 1: Artoria/ 400 Member 2: Chelle/ 400 @Chelle Member 3: Kisshot/ 400 Sub 1: Dime / 400 @Gunna
  23. Diary No. 121 Artoria Some foreshadowing....
  24. Diary No. 109 Artoria First entry for my bun this month
  25. Diary No. 97 YohhSteve Another day of filling for pqs~