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  1. Fran

    Ugliest Trickster Contest

    Name: Account Entry No.18 hi, i'm ugly. vote for me
  2. Diary No.65 IGN: Account bears
  3. Diary No.238 ign: Account Moon is the shiniest guild :))))))
  4. No. 215 IGN: Account Waiting for Harkon
  5. Diary No. 20 IGN: Account My husband is about to beat me...
  6. Fran

    P/C for Various Items (Discontinued)

    Also, bonus eggs have increased in demand and have seen them being bought for around 500-600k each
  7. Fran

    P/C for Various Items (Discontinued)

    Innocent Glasses = 200mil Heart Face Painting = 200-250mil Secret Cards 1= 15mil 2 = 5mil 3-9 = 3-4mil 10 = 5mil 11-12 = 5-6mil 13 = 15mil 14 = 20mil 15 = 30mil 16 = 40mil
  8. The Lv.320 rewards refine cards gives drop rate % instead of refine %. Please look into this :) https://gyazo.com/7f8355117abf74e05a83621dba44600d
  9. Can we nerf Arrow rush too?
  10. Diary No. 506 IGN: Lychee Banter here and there. Won Pvp, try again though :)
  11. Fran

    LifeTO Appreciation

    thank you for everything. i love life trickster :)
  12. Diary No. 344 IGN: Account Moon gave birth to a healthy Baby Coolem
  13. Diary No. 48 ign: Account R> Moon
  14. Diary No.8 ign: Account meep meep
  15. I understand that Tap mine PQ monsters has low spawn rates but while doing the PQ monster spawns went from 5 (manageable within the time limit) down to 4 (nearly impossible to complete). I've searched everywhere in the mine for the last monster but I wasn't able to find the 5th. Maybe this is a bug in the places where some of the PQ monsters spawn.