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  1. Brids

    Mind's Eye Skill

    eft_skl_tr_001_n.nri i guess, or something like this.... i know that has "tr" in name.
  2. Diary No. 77 IGN: Brids I'm doing shadow dailies (:
  3. Brids

    Mind's Eye Skill

    Hi! Is it possible change size of Shadow sprite for high resolution mode? 1920x1080 1366x768 1024x768
  4. Diary No. 46 Brids I'm trying get some lucky here and in game :D
  5. Diary no. 20 Brids Trying hard again :(
  6. did u use crazy drilling? it affects all of powers.
  7. Diary no. 275 Brids It's my life... It's now or never.....
  8. Diary no. 258 Brids over and over again...
  9. Diary No. 182 IGN: Brids The Pain that is never ending... :( https://imgur.com/a/mwCXSz8