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  1. Diary No. 142 IGN: Dylan Opened more Coon Boxes hoping for some good stat rolls :P
  2. Diary No. 118 IGN: Dylan Opened some boxes today
  3. Diary No.88 IGN: Dylan Another Day, Another Gloom Farming Session
  4. Diary No. 14 IGN: Dylan Killed the Queen for her treasure :^)
  5. Diary No. 673 Dylan Got my Legendary after a long grind of CI and getting the Cards :^)
  6. Method: GoogleKeyword: Trickster Private Server Details: One day I was feeling like replaying my old games I use to play and so trickster pop up my mind and I literally typed Trickster Private Server in the search bar and this server pop up
  7. Diary No. 23 Saizo Me Being a Fluffy and slacking off