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  1. Diary no.352 Shalltear hunting for some gills
  2. Diary No. 329 Shalltear hunting for some pirate coins
  3. Diary No.298 Shalltear Drilling for more golders.
  4. Diary No. 275 Shalltear afk drilling for money
  5. Diary No. 252 Shalltear Reached the galder cap by doing nothing.
  6. Diary No. 230 Purrito Drilling for dailies.
  7. Diary No. 208 Purrito Snake went boom.
  8. Diary No. 188 Purrito need some thicc ropes
  9. Recently found out while farming at PD that if you have fortune on (any kind, doesn't matter which one.) Causes the party to glitch out and anyone with a fortune can attack party members and vice versa. It doesn't seem to happen if you don't have fortune on. It is also glitching out in Battlefield of Garden. Afaik, it happens when the person with fortune moves to a different room(specifically bad at PD when farming or doing small skirmishes) or dies and respawns back at the map/pvp map.The temp. fix for it is to re-party everytime we move maps/let another person join the party until the one with the fortune moves rooms again/or dies then the glitch re-appears again. Me and my friend tested it vigorously to see what was causing the glitch and it was indeed fortune, as soon as I got some fortune, my char. could attack party members when I moved rooms in PD. It didn't happen before even after testing over 40 times.
  10. Diary No. 166 Purrito nothing today, busy at work.
  11. Diary No. 126 Purrito hunting some socks
  12. Diary No. 93 IGN: Purrito hunting tut for some GLS.
  13. Diary No. 63 Purrito afk minin'
  14. Diary No. 39 Purrito hunting giant half-snakes for their staffs.
  15. Diary No. 6 Purrito Day 563. Still locked on a triple Red Orc faint. Hey, where's the photo? --Sky -it wasn't showing sorry. -purrito