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  1. Diary No. 266 IGN: Rainyday Earlier I was slaving away for @Maple Until she let me die.... #lowkeyadminabuse
  2. Diary No. 239 IGN: Rainyday Today all I did was waste money on dyes and Bothering/stalking @Maple while she afk drills.
  3. Diary No. 169 IGN: Rainyday Hanging out with @Aimo, trying to fit outfits for her new Banker Hat!!! No one knows I have zero fashion sense yet
  4. I'm fairly sure that's the place you get tped to when you're trying to do the Drac accessory quest in order to drill up one of the items there (shattered amethyst)
  5. Diary No. 141 IGN: Rainyday I FINALLY GOT IT. I STARTED MONDAY..... MONDAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY (Aug 6) LITERSALLY 5 WHOLE DAYS OF AFK DRILLING JUST TO GET THIS DAMN CUTE ASS PET IM SO DONE I NEED A BREAK. Btw I spent 20m on drills and all of those galder coupons are just from straight drilling. I don't really know what to do now, I've been afk drilling this damn thing for too long I lost sight of what I wanted to do, what I needed to do. My goals became this pet and this pet became my life. Time to start looking for something to do again I guess...
  6. Diary No. 39 IGN: Rainyday !!!Today I attended a wedding of my friends!!! My very first attendance of a wedding in game!!! Everything from the decorations to the weird chinese box symbol language was so nice and pleasing. It was such a nice break from all the drilling! I totally wasn't trying to barge in cause I'm lonely I'm only slightly worried for their future...
  7. Cloudy

    Adding places to ppd

    Some areas are forgotten and not in ppd: Gate of Mermaid Dungeon
  8. Diary No. 670 IGN: RainyCloud I'm on the road to 400!!! Just one more FINAL push. if only tech was open when I'm on... 16 more levels to gooooooooo
  9. Diary No. 665 IGN: RainyCloud Today.... I MESSED UP WHILE OPENING GACHA BOXES shoot me pls
  10. I don't understand why the majority of the end game mages are relying on this, from my understanding it's a beginning ability that was always meant for helping the newer mages to get through. It was never meant to be used as the instant one hit ko wonder. Like what's even the point of having other abilities if you can just use this to spam and have more dps compared to when you use anything else. Each and every mage has their ups and downs that's the whole point of choosing elements isn't it?. There are plenty of other abilities to use for farming and if you can't deal with that sucks for you, it's not like people stay as bunny or cat to farm for glooms since it's too inefficient. "If you don't like how it is for this then make a different class for that" isn't that how it's always been on trickster? Why does the mage get to be an exception? Considering the devs can't change the formula right now (Confirmed by @Sky in discord) why let this overpowered ability stay overpowered? I really don't understand the logic here... It just feels like the mages have an op ability and they don't want to let go of it EDIT: To add to my point. This is a level 1 skill. please let that sit for a moment... A level one skill that scales extremely efficiently to the point where people base their entire build on this one LEVEL ONE SKILL. This should speak volumes on how idiotic this whole thing is. Now I'm just a dirty casual but I'm almost sure that no one in the charm class is running around using warm up as their main attack, nor is it stone shower for Senses, and I'm sure that powers haven't touched steel punch since everything else is literally better and more practical than steel punch. Why I wonder? maybe it's because the level one skills are meant for beginners? maybe it's because it's a stepping stone for you to get your class up to a better place? If the other level one skills are so weak and unusable for higher level then why is it even a question to let the mages get away with Magical soul being so broken to the point where they have their own extremely viable builds? It just doesn't make sense
  11. Diary No. 637 IGN: RainyCloud
  12. Diary No. 615 IGN: RainyCloud I'M FINALLY DONE OMFG... Took 4 days straight of farming the cards and another 3 days of opening the cards GAHHHHHHHH BUT MY SEPHIREN IS HERE I can maybe do Harkon now (But not really cause I'm a scrub)
  13. Diary No. 528 IGN: RainyCloud uhh Randomly went out of blooming shop to see this O-O
  14. Diary No. 415 IGN: RainyCloud Farm farm farm farm farm farm famr farm farm famerm farm Fmartm FARMMM NOTHING BUT FARMING asdfg lakms;' cvbfbgnmhy,juk. I feel sick looking at these lil bastards. THEIR SMILES ARE TAUNTING ME I probably shouldn't have farmed this with my bunny
  15. Diary No. 397 IGN: RainyCloud I feel super refreshed after the maintenance. I finally got some rest from all the bad fury killings and my computer finally got to get turned off after a full week of non stop working. #tyfornotdyingonme Back to farming (suffering) tomorrow