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  1. akfgkort

    B/T> Coldvice set 210

    Thank you! Message me in game IGN: GigaDrillBreaker
  2. Diary no. 71 Stella is still cold to me. IGN: GigaDrillBreaker
  3. Diary No. 18 GigaDrillBreaker After helping Stella, she cut me deep.
  4. akfgkort

    Delay In-Game

    Yeah I used that as well. Thanks!
  5. akfgkort

    AK3 70 Missing

    Yeah I did checked all those but I can't find it. Anyway to check where it went?
  6. Hi, My AK3 70 has been missing from my inventory after the patch. How can I get it back?
  7. akfgkort

    Delay In-Game

    Hi Sky, I followed your advice. Do I need to do anything?
  8. akfgkort

    Raccoon Skills

    Hi! Is the skill Mass Destruction not available? Also, are the available skills while in Metamorphosis the same in the wiki? "Wild Nail, Heavy Hit and (Summon) Card Soldier are the only useable skills. (1st and 2nd Anniversary Skills are no longer usable.)"
  9. akfgkort

    Delay In-Game

  10. akfgkort

    Delay In-Game

    Hi Sky, Here
  11. akfgkort

    Boss Treasure Giveaway

    meron pa ba nito? hehe
  12. akfgkort

    Delay In-Game

    Guys, lag din ba kayo? Mejo delay sken mga .5 to 1 second after click bago maglakad. Sa inyo din ba?