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  1. Diary No.584 IGN: EXMORTIS drill boi expired, time to go card hunting
  2. Diary No. 556 IGN: EXMORTIS dailies 123
  3. Diary No. 526 IGN: EXMORTIS enjoy drilling
  4. Diary No. 493 IGN: EXMORTIS pulled this from box, that MA is really something. still looking for more stuff
  5. Diary No. 471 IGN: EXMORTIS took 3 hours but i finally got enough serpentine for dark commando
  6. Diary No.461 IGN: EXMORTIS nothing new here, move along
  7. Diary No. 429 IGN: EXMORTIS drill.com
  8. Diary No. 381 IGN: EXMORTIS spent all my money, got nothing rofl. but its ok ill keep going!
  9. Diary No. 370 IGN: EXMORTIS drill
  10. SohCahToa

    Job Change

    Dropped by Kaboom in Caballa Relics Dungeon 4
  11. Diary No. 331 IGN: EXMORTIS doing some dailies so i can get another driller boi
  12. Diary No: 311 IGN: EXMORTIS yes, i play trickster: t - drilling r - simulator i c k s t e r
  13. ignore this diary IGN: EXMORTIS drilling again so i can get more azhi boxes
  14. Diary No. 229 IGN: EXMORTIS d a i l i e s
  15. Diary No. 185 IGN: EXMORTIS farming cards for skill mastery, rng pls