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  1. Diary No. 600 Nioh Just afking in mega
  2. Diary no. 566 Nioh Cleaning up Mega
  3. Diary no 549 Nioh Browsing the shops
  4. Diary No. 506 Nioh ~_~
  5. Diary No. 492 Nioh I have nothing to do on this game anymoreeeee
  6. Diary No. 478 Caroxin Came on to do dailies, heading off again cause my driller died
  7. Diary no.451Caroxin Running out of things to do
  8. Diary No. 418 Caroxin Another day doing the same thing
  9. Diary no. 385 Nioh Doing dailies on alts
  10. Diary No. 342 Caroxin Did dailies now back to being a slave
  11. Diary no. 324 IGN: Caroxin Was farming for a bit but I got bored
  12. Diary No. 292 Caroxin I finally have time to play a little bit before I get swamped with uni work again
  13. Diary No. 233 IGN: Nioh Finally back from vacation and ready to farm
  14. Diary No. 183 IGN : Nioh Sneaking in a quick diary entry before I go on a vacation
  15. Diary No. 164 Caroxin Still no mouse to farm with