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  1. We will be randomly picking a number for the rewards listed below on March 9, 2019. The Diary No. that matches it will get the prize. Each player can post 1 diary per day (posting your daily diary consistently increases your chance of getting high-tier rewards). Very Lucky Tier: 1. 2 winners of 1 pc. Dimension Card Pack 2. 3 winners of 3 pcs. Queen Odinea Box Slightly Lucky Tier: 1. 10 winners of 1 pc. Driller Girl 2. 10 winners of 3 pc. 5 Million Galder Check 3. 5 winners of 5 pcs. 1 Million Galder Check Quite Lucky Tier: 1. 10 winners of 10 pcs. GM Gift Certificate 2. 5 winners of 10 pcs. Bonus Egg 3. 5 winners of 3 pcs. Black/Green Elixir 4. 5 winners of 3 pcs. White/Green Elixir How to join? 1. Comment your diary number, starting from 1 and so on. (check the number of the post before you) 2. Write your IGN 3. Tell us what you did in Caballa Island today. 4. Attach a screenshot of your character where date and time is shown. Please strictly follow the format below: Diary No.: #1 IGN: [DEV] Sky (Description of your screenshot, tell us what you did today)
  2. Hola, Tricksters! Here are our winners for January 2019's Daily Diary Event (raffled via random.org). Rewards will be distributed within the day so keep checking your MyShop inventory if you're one of the winners. Congratulations to the winners! Join the February 2019's Daily Diary Event! Click the link below to join the February Diary Event. ~
  3. Sky

    My shop problem

    Glad your problem has been solved. I would advise you to clear your MyShop inventory or at least lessen the items. Problems might occur if you have too much stuff in there.
  4. Apologies if I haven't gone through the suggestion section. I'll check them out as soon as we're finished working on the patch. 

  5. Update. Still don't know how to fix this.
  6. Fixed. Will be applied in the next maintenance.
  7. Update. I still can't figure out what's causing this issue.
  8. Fixed. Will be applied in the next maintenance. Thanks for reporting!
  9. Fixed. Will be applied in the next maintenance.
  10. Closing this thread now. Feel free to post again if your pet is not yet replaced. ~
  11. I've checked the server settings, and the artisan equipment can reach up to 4 slots. Tested with myself, I got a 3S shield on my 9th attempt. Technique: I bought other items every 3 shields. Haha.
  12. Fixed. Thanks for reporting!
  13. Sky

    Tapasco Spa

    Fixed the items in 3F and 4F. Regarding the lag, it's related to the monsters' attack animation. For some reason, the monster has to finish its complete animation cycle (attacking by slamming themselves on the floor) before it dies.
  14. Closing. Feel free to open another thread if problem persists.
  15. Fixed. Applied the correct speed for Kitty Sprints 140 and 190. Kitty Sprint 30 - 60% Kitty Sprint 70 - 60% Kitty Sprint 140 - 70% Kitty Sprint 190 - 80%