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  1. Hmmmmm... All right, let me talk to the team about this. You have a point!
  2. Thanks for bumping this! Reading again...
  3. Sky

    Mind's Eye Skill

    We have yet to locate the file of that (goddamn) shadow. Help us!
  4. Sky

    Discord Integration

    You can configure it. Please see the link below: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/217659737-Games-Overlay-101
  5. Sky

    Polar Bear Class

    Sorry but it's not possible to add Polar Bear in our server. We'd need the source code or the latest file (costs $100,000) to add her.
  6. Sky

    Fiesta Time !!

    Ohhh... This is possible! We'll discuss with the team. ~
  7. Sounds fun! I'll check if this is possible.(the timed fiesta zone that'll only trigger as soon as Chronos is dead)
  8. Jesus... Thanks for reporting! We'll check it out. ~ (though, it seems that this bug can only be fixed by editing the source)
  9. Sky

    Mermaid Palace Stone Drops

    Thanks for reporting. We'll check it. ~
  10. Hmmm... Please keep the items in your inventory. We'll have them replaced by the next update if ever it's bugged.
  11. Sky

    Rosaline's Jewelry Box

    Which field were you digging?
  12. Sky

    Sprint Movespeed Bug

    We'll check it, thanks for reporting!
  13. We'll fix it. Please keep the items in the meantime.
  14. Sky

    Tapasco Spa

    Thanks for reporting! We'll check it out. ~
  15. We haven't checked if it's possible to add a new skill without overwriting an existing one. An ally server (Korean) has successfully added one but they had to replace another skill.