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    Trouble when multiclient

    Yeah that's on my computer with graphics card. On my girlfriend's notebook, wich is much less powerfull, it works perfectly. I found a way to make it work, you must not use fullscreen and then after opening the first client you will have to open the next client without minimizing the first one. After that you can alt+tab normally.
  2. So everytime i alt+tab to other client i get a black screen like this: I have to close that client with alt+f4. i'm trying to run on the same launcher. I tried to install another game in another directory to run it in 2 different launchers but the second game didnt work :( Any idea? Thanks Edit1: I already tried changing to different resolutions and window/fullscreen mode Edit2: Always executing with admin mode Edit3: uninstaled all the game and deleted every register still not working :/
  3. Littlejames

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary No. 661 LJames KILLING WITH CUTENESS ';..;'
  4. Littlejames

    How did you learn about LifeTO?

    Method: Google/trickster redditKeyword: Trickster Private Server read a review about trickster private servers that exists nowadays and decided that this is the best one :)
  5. Littlejames

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    IGN: LJames Diary No. 631 Episode quests time YEY image uploading
  6. Littlejames

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary No. 607 Nick: LJames farming some plastic bags for the driller boy :3
  7. Littlejames

    Error Game Cliente!

    Hey thanks, I tried that before but the godamn anti virus changed to active again by himself. I disabled firewall at the same time too so don't know which one helped but it worked, thanks!
  8. Littlejames

    Error Game Cliente!

    Holly.. the same is happening here :( I have tried to reinstall, execute as admin, compatibility mode and stuff and nothing worked
  9. Littlejames

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary no.562 LJames AFK DRILLING ';..;'
  10. Littlejames

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary No.538 LJames doing some story quests :3
  11. Hello. I was leveling and everything was working fine till i used an teleporter to Carbigal. Suddenly my game closed and i started getting this error when i try to login with my character. The other character is able to login. i dont know how to exclude the post. I really had too many things in my inventory altough it wasnt full. Excluded some via item manager and i was able to login again lol
  12. Littlejames

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary no. 518 IGN: LJames suddenly i can't login anymore :3
  13. Littlejames

    LifeTO Appreciation

    I hvent had so much fun in a long time playing a mmo! Thanks :D
  14. Littlejames

    Cannot login after latest maintenance

    Same issue here, tried to check files but didnt work :/
  15. Littlejames

    Daily Diary Event (July)