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  1. After going completing the Leonardo Perfume quest (yes it took a VERY long time) --> Janitor --> Storage bin --> General Manager Penguin, you are supposed to be teleported to the employee room to receive access to the VIP level 4. Instead, you get teleported here (Spicy Boss room (Past): Wish Spicy spawned, but no can do unfortunately ;-; PS: Storage Bin on lvl 3 is speaking 한국어 , but you guys prolly knew that already xD
  2. Muchi

    Changes to Gloom Farming Drops

    orrr......Just increase sten gun sell price to 55k+ ish #ezyfix ? :S
  3. Muchi

    Patch Notes [2018-08-06]

    Oh bby that Abyss update~~
  4. Muchi

    Eclipse timing consistency

    Currently, Eclipse only spawns for Harkon during the designated times: Carbigal (Swamp Town): (wiki) 11:00 - 11:20 AEST (1:00AM) 8AM (PDT) / 11AM (EDT) Oops Wharf: (wiki) 13:20 - 13:20 AEST (3:00AM) 10AM (PDT) / 1PM (EDT) Neils Camp (Techichi): (wiki) 15:00 - 15:20 AEST (5:00AM) 12PM (PDT) / 3PM (EDT) Gate of Tapasco: (wiki) 17:20 - 17:20 AEST (7:00AM) 2PM (PDT) / 5PM (EDT) Laplanoel (Snow hill): (wiki)19:00 - 19:20 AEST (9:00AM) 4PM (PDT) / 7PM (EST) Event Garden: (wiki) 21:00 - 21:20 AEST (11:00AM) 6PM (PDT) / 9PM (EST) Aquarius (Ghost Blue): (wiki) 23:00 - 23:20 AEST (1:00PM) 8PM (PDT) / 11PM (EST) Azteca (Relics Town): (wiki) 01:00 - 01:20 AEST (3:00PM) 10PM (PDT) / 1AM (EST) Times taxed from Shanni's guide, I've added the AEST (Australian Eastern Standard time). Outside of Harkon, she does not appear at the times she's supposed to (Wiki). As I'm trying to complete the Eclipse - The story of the gods quest, it's incredibly difficult for me to finish the quests for EXP (due to sequential progress and Time zone differences). Would it be possible to make it so that Eclipse spawns permanently? That way, players outside the EST/PST time zones would be able to complete these quests.
  5. Seeing as the Orcs were recently adjusted/changed, would it be possible to adjust the resistances for the bosses? Some bosses (Soki/Spicy) have workarounds for classes (Melee) that can build other elements, whilst others cant even kill them due to the nature of their kit (Queen Odinea & Count Blood > Dark Lord ;-; )
  6. I've been drilling here for quite some time for diamonds, however I have not seen a single Spicy Egg being dropped. Is this a bug? Linked a pic of the wiki page below for drops:
  7. Muchi

    Afrit Pet Bug?

    Thank you so much~~~ :D
  8. Muchi

    Higher BAL to MyShop ratio.

    100% this, would definitely give more incentive for donations and stimulate the economy at the same time.
  9. Muchi

    Abyss Teleport

    Currently there's the NPC @ Gate of Abyss which teleports you back to Ghost Blue, but not Abyss Town -Platonia. Would it be possible to either add a NPC which offers TP'ing back from Platonia to the Gate? Alternatively, add both "Gate of Abyss" & "Platonia" to the Portable Port AD's for completion sake? Cheers.
  10. Hey guys, was wondering if the pet was bugged as it cannot be trained/leveled up? For reference, (I also have the Lyr E4 pet which was trainable/level-able)
  11. Muchi

    Coupon weight

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but can we lower coupon weights (perhaps near 0?)? Playing on any character without 3/4 in sense is just painful. And i'm doing up a warrior atm.... Just for comparison sake: vs And we all know how quests just loooveee to give out coupons....
  12. Muchi

    CardUI issues

    Ended up doing a full clean and upgrading to Win10. No longer have the card issue, but now have the Win10 "freezing randomly" issue. Thanks for all the help :)
  13. Muchi

    CardUI issues

    Appreciate the help! Unfortunately, didn't fix the issue. Purchased a skill card to see if updates in general. Looks like it updates, just not responsive.
  14. Muchi

    CardUI issues

    Logging onto an Alt account, and no issues to be had. Confirms the issue is account based.
  15. Muchi

    CardUI issues

    Tried the default resolution, same issue: -forgot to mention i'm playing on Windows 7 Home premium