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  1. housewaifu

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary No. 131 IGN: Honeysuckle Road to 3rd job continues, last diary entry of the week for me! Have fun this weekend everyone!
  2. housewaifu

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary No. 104 IGN: Honeysuckle Happy 4th of July! Mentally preparing for Anime Expo and running a shop to clear out some of my bank.
  3. housewaifu

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary No. 72 IGN: Honeysuckle Behind the scenes at Chik-Fil-A
  4. Hi everyone! I hope it's not too late to join in on this thread; I'm just hyped to join the community! Here we go! Questions: 1. Basics: What name do you go by? How old are you, and what timezone are you in? My name is Carys, but you can call me Honey! My character's name is Honeysuckle. I'm 21, and I'm on Pacific Time! (California!) 2. When did you start Trickster? When did you start playing on this server? I wanna say I first played Trickster back in 2009, and played up until around 2011-2012. I can't really say I understood the game really well back then; Never got past the Don fight as a Bunny on my main. Whoops. I started playing this server about a week ago and I love it a lot! 3. What's your favorite class and why? Despite previously maining a bunny, my fav class is Charm/Cats! I like building bruiser tanks haha. 4. Which set is cosmetically your favorite? I used to be in love with the Christmas Stella set; The scythe and the shield from it were my go-to's back in the day. As for others, I'm another vote for the Blood set! 5. What do you usually do on Trickster? Big sad but I usually play alone just doing quests and drilling! I'd love to meet some people to play with! 6. Do you have any goals in this game? Make Primadonna and look cute! 7. Did/do you look up to anyone ingame? I absolutely cannot remember any usernames, but there was always a big guild on OG Trickster that would hang out in Megalopolis and baby me thought they were just the coolest. 8. Other than gaming, do you have other hobbies? Primarily, cosplay! I'm actually working on a few Trickster costumes at the moment since finding this server sent me down memory lane! I also stream from time to time so I might end up streaming some Trickster once convention season is over, we'll see! It's very nice to meet you all! I hope we can cross paths in game!
  5. housewaifu

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary No. 55 IGN: Honeysuckle Drill, drill, drill, drill....... & Sing a little song!
  6. housewaifu

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary No. 17 Honeysuckle Just hit 130/120 on my first character on this server, now to farm 2mil for 3rd Job!