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  1. Doofie

    1st Caballa Fight Club

    IGN WinnietheJewBear Bracket 301- 400 Job Champion (Power)
  2. Diary No #44 WinnietheJewBear Gotta get that $
  3. Diary no 185 Erwin Merry Chrimas 8D
  4. Diary no 177 WinnietheJewBear Look at the beauty that dress on fleek, man who new setting this thing up took longer than i expected...
  5. Diary no 150 WinnietheJewBear Abooga wooga still waiting for the pvp gods to appear ;-;
  6. Diary no 138 WinnietheJewBear B>D STAFF PLS PM ME
  7. DIary no 129 WinnietheJewBear ABOOGA WOOGA summon the pvp gods of garden and pd
  8. Diary no119 WinnietheJewBear 8D
  9. Diary no 113 WinnietheJewBear ABOOGA WOOGA BOOGA WOOGA
  10. Diary No 72 Mcdonalds SSDD
  11. Diary no 67 Mcdonalds Just another slave mine
  12. Diary no 373 WinnietheJewBear Farming for bika boxes and waiting for bunny fashion to be fixed Q-Q
  13. Diary no 339 IGN WinnietheJewBear Won Harkon 8D
  14. Diary No 283 IGN WinnietheJewBear Just the usual
  15. Diary No 259 IGN WInnietheJewBear Im a mage now 8D