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  1. Vindicator Box (Corvid stuff)
  2. Fang


    Edit: He sold me some stuff, I recommend having a BR translator
  3. Fang


    How much for: blazing boots coon set + roan coldvice vindicator shield, katana GLS noxx mask ty
  4. Diary No. 145 IGN: Jiao Just sitting around, mega's a bit more lively today
  5. Diary No. 132 IGN: Jiao Bored, mega is pretty empty. I wanted to get 400 by next week but I have no motivation to mindlessly grind PQ's. I did 5 of Desert Beach and that was just depressing q_q.
  6. Yes i agree that the daily diary thing is a bit strange, but I think it is a nice way of getting the community to post what they are doing and get a reward out of it. I think they should keep it and not remove it because it does have some value, it's free and takes no time so why not? I really like the PVP battle. it would be like a raid type thing where guilds can either help each other out or deny other guilds from getting the reward from killing the boss. The boss should drop something different than it's unique. I'm not sure what, maybe some gold tempering gems or something but enough to make players fight over it. You can encourage PVP this way I think that implementing this is too similar to RTO tbh and not the direction they should take, but it looks like you removed this Yes i agree 100% to be able to pay for a driller boy, i hate the daily coupons. If you take a break for a few months and come back you cant drill unless you make sure you leave with 50 coupons and it's annoying. They said they don't have paid driller boy because they don't want the server to become like RTO - but it already is. People have 6 different alts that they drill with and will make sure those alts are doing dailies and thus maintaining an infinite driller boy, so the point doesn't even make sense. You may as well let people pay for it because people here do the exact same tactic that they use to make money in RTO. I like the chronos idea too. I hope sky looks at these, there are good ideas here.
  7. Fang

    NPC item exchanges in Coral Town

    I like your point on motivating new players have having a lot of high lvl players here in the starting areas. People will play when they see Life TO has 'life'
  8. Diary No. 120 IGN: Jiao Trying to make myself look slick Where the PVP events guys
  9. Diary No. 111 IGN: Jiao Lets go boys, hopefully ima hit 400 by the end of next week!
  10. Diary No. 101 IGN: Jiao First one in ages, lets hope I win something good
  11. Diary No. 490 IGN: Throne Finally got my first ever guardian! Absolutely loving the amount I can make from gloom farm
  12. Diary no. 453 Throne still card ID'ing and then I have to empathise. Today was pretty good though as now I only need 1,12,14, and 15 on a side note I have no idea how people here are uploading their pictures. Whenever I screenshot and try to upload directly it always says the file is too big o_o
  13. Diary. No 419 IGN: Throne Just started card id'ing. On my way to getting my first ever guardian and after about 50 cards or so this was a welcome surprise. Big ups to Great Vamprea and special s/o to Lyrea and everyone else who was there when I was blessed with this beauty.
  14. For those of us who aren't aware, what was the original Phantom Dungeon?
  15. Method: Google, Trickster subredditKeyword: r/trickster Details: Seems to be a common theme here, a lot of people are finding this server due to Reddit. I think that's cause if you consider the player base, they are also quite likely to be on reddit as well as it's an easy way of checking something on an app most people will spend a fair bit of time on anyway. The post on there comparing all the servers to each other also swayed me quite heavily .The only reason why I wasn't here earlier was because back in January you guys were in deep maintenance. Now that its out, you should maybe keep an eye on that subreddit for new posts that you could recruit people. Just my thoughts though.