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  1. Diary No. 221 Alucard_ Is this real snow or is this just a conspiracy???
  2. Diary No. 199 Alucard_ Love to see the shops here :D
  3. Diary No. 176 Alucard_ Doing some dailies
  4. Diary No. 151Alucard_ Just chilling with my bunny friend :D
  5. Diary no. 126 Alucard_ Just loitering today (Vacations have ended and college is taking it's toll on my energy, hahahaha)
  6. Diary No. 101 Alucard_ Saw a Fox littering in mega right now :D
  7. Diary No. 70 Alucard_ *Sigh* I just can't find motivation to finish all snow hill's quests
  8. Diary No. 35 Alucard_ Wow, such purple, much glow, hahahahaha Hope I don't get unlucky this time again
  9. Diary No. 663 Alucard_ Why don't I just break the ice pillars and make the ice cubes myself??
  10. Diary No. 653 Alucard_ Oh well, after 2 weeks of intense drilling, time to start over the quests
  11. Diary No. 641 Alucard_ Love to see some action in the city again, hope it gets even more full Also, feeling stupid for forgetting O/X again
  12. Diary No. 622 Alucard_ 45m spent and 4 shields, 3 wrenchs and an extra cape later, I'm still waiting to see the gun or the pet
  13. xonion94

    Can't open the game

    Nvm, I tried to change my resolution and it worked normally again, sry to bother
  14. So, since the last maintenance, I've been unable to even get to the login screen. At first it started to freeze before the login screen after waiting a long time. So I tried to uninstall and download the client again. I have installed it and tried to start. Failed. Clicked on check files and it started to download some files, but it ended in a strange way, and I tried to enter the game again and it gives me this message now. Thats my game folder. I don't know what to do now. Any help?
  15. Diary No. 569 Alucard_ 16 hours left for driller boy and I'm having mixed feelings, hahahahaha I simply forgot to do an entry for saturday and sunday. Just wanted to say how fun and messy (B> Nora Set 120) this saturday O/X was. Thanks guys for bringing a lot of fun content to us and for being active in the community. (Alias, como tem brasileiros e falantes de português no server, fiquei surpreso, hahahahaha)