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  1. so we just post the image of the mycamp here ? or the means we will have to make a new one at that specific date and moment in time which may or may not prevent some players from joining in on the event because of timezones?
  2. Norbi PHNX

    Emergency Maintenance [2018-08-29]

    I don't think it's supposed to be endgame as much as way to galder farm without guardian (unless they want early sections to be grindable by lower levels and later levels by endgame people)
  3. Norbi PHNX

    Compact Quest Item Shopping List

    amg just what I needed thanks for the effort put into it! It's awsum
  4. Norbi PHNX

    Aimo's Galder Guide

    Nice guide, but it's worth mentioning that if somebody can be guided all the way to Abyss Town Platonia (or if they have Shield of Heaven and can march through all the Staff of Thunder attacks), then they can buy cheap 60k galder drills (Neo Sea Drill 8) that are much lower level and also go down to 300m, for those who aint level160-180 for the item girl ones I know I did that because I couldn't just afford a random flicker drill yet and I was merely 120 when I started tap mining
  5. Norbi PHNX

    Patch Notes [2018-08-20]

    why is it so important to have all fashions in sets :C it's annoying when you want a specific color but you gotta buy multiple sets if you want to mix and match
  6. Norbi PHNX

    How did you learn about LifeTO?

    Method: Girlfriend <3 No regrets sticking to this server, hope to see it thrive hard
  7. Norbi PHNX

    Choose the animal

    So I have somebody around me who would really like to play a male cat, so I was thinking... I remember before, that I saw in the Black Market timed, and stat increasing cats ears and tails, could we have similar timed (even if with no stats) ears and tails added to the Mega Shop, without having them character specific? It could give an interesting new customization option for those who want to be the opposite gender of an animal
  8. Norbi PHNX

    Help us fill our Wiki!

    are we allowed to be inspired by other wiki layout styles ?
  9. Norbi PHNX

    Help us fill our Wiki!

    ohoho I was wondering if we will do this gonna have to see if I can contribute to it too :>
  10. While it is good to encourage in-game trading....I strongly vote against this, for some simple reasons 1) we aren't all playing at the same time, so time differences will cause people to possible not be around when items are being sold/searched for, thus losing out on the ability to buy what we need/want or make money in general from selling our extra stuff, personally I found it very useful when towns were devoid of people selling stuff, and I could just hop on the online market and get something the game outright refused to drop for me 2) having it online ensures that we don't need to sit around doing nothing while selling stuff, while yes, having it online will have several other people possibly selling the same thing, preventing us from selling our items, we still can go on with our adventure, and not sit around doing nothing in-game, while waiting for our shops to empty out (especially useful when, connected to reasoning nr1. we can't afford to leave our pc on overnight or all day long just so people have the chance to buy our stuff) 3) we can sell a multitude more items online at the same time, which connecting with reasoning nr.2, helps us get rid of those extra items and gain profits off of them much faster, than sitting there, waiting for the items to be sold, then refilling the shop again I'm sure there are more reasons that I could list (can't think of them right now), but these three are the major reasons that I would vote against removing the online market, since until now it has been quite useful, and if the playerbase grows on the long run (hopefully exponentially) then it will be even better for players all across the world to access something that is always there, and is not locked to a specific timeframe during which they may or may not be able to access it due to geographical differences