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  1. Diary No. 559 IGN: Tsukimori Getting some muhneyz the day before school starts :--(
  2. Diary No.535 IGN: Tsukimori ooooooofie... No time to play
  3. Diary No. 477 IGN: Tsukimori Another day in the slave mines
  4. Diary No. 465 IGN: Tsukimori Drillin'... tho the server's been dc'ing quite often because of DDoS :--(
  5. Diary No. 440 IGN: Tsukimori Keep drillin'... till you starve.
  6. Diary No. 415 IGN: Tsukimori Busy with all the orientations in college :--(
  7. Diary No.398 IGN: Tsukimori Trying to get Ring Bearer Rin but seems like my luck hates me
  8. Diary No. 369 IGN: Tsukimori Passive income is always gud.
  9. Diary No. 344 IGN: Tsukimori Busy busy busy
  10. Diary No. 312 IGN: Tsukimori DRILLIN'
  11. Diary No. 293 IGN: Tsukimori Missed two entries since I was busy packing for college. Now I'm here at college so have some time to post again, but I probably won't be able to play as much : - (
  12. Diary No. 213 IGN: Tsukimori Leggo drilling~
  13. Diary No. 197 IGN: Tsukimori When life gives you ores, you gotta sell em.
  14. Diary No. 184 IGN : Tsukimori been laying low cause I got sick again
  15. Diary No. 146 IGN: Tsukimori Taking a break from glooming~