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  1. Nevermind, it seemed to randomly fix itself after re-talking to them like a million times. Thanks anyway
  2. Basically I can't proceed or teleport out of here at all, selecting the NPC's dialogue option softlocks the game and I need to ALT-F4. This is even more distressing because I had 2 hours left on my Driller Boy and Red Pouch that I wanted to use before they expired :(
  3. Yilx

    Episode 5 Quest Bug

    I've managed to fix it, that's why I locked it, sorry and thanks for the trouble
  4. I have Danihen's Locked Diary in my inventory but Rosalina does not seem to recognize it in my inventory; as a result, she keeps on giving me the Comb Quests over and over for no good reason. I can't seem to proceed, is there any fix for this?
  5. Are they bugged? Hunted King Yamus in NE Forest for a few levels and not a single one dropped. Is this normal?