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  1. Caspia

    Re-colour Suggestions Thread (Fashion)

    It's been a hot minute since I used photoshop so I can't for the life of me remember how to make this not a pixelated mess :'D Have a deep green/teal sheep with matching ribbons and yellow flower shoes WHAI IS IT SO BIG HERE PLS
  2. Diary No. 373 IGN: Caspia FIRST EVENT OwO i got a cute pet! gotta drag the boif to the next one that quality tho rIP
  3. Diary No. 313 IGN: Caspia Decided to get Spinel on a whim, now my hand no longer works from all the potion spam still diggin for DAT MUD THO gdit
  4. Diary no. 286 IGN: Caspia JFC drilling for this mud is literally driving me insane JUST ONE MORE STICKER REEEEEEEEEEEE im not 4 charm so i get one shot by the giant sand griffin things hence why im drilling my life away i am the auto drilling emote
  5. Diary No. 256 IGN: Caspia Been a busy week; finally got a guardian, farmed some funding, opened a ton of boxes (i may have a problem) and now we're back to auto-drilling quest items while at work.... maybe one day I'll get 400 and can work on my cat :VVV
  6. Changing maps from trial 1 to trial 2
  7. Hello! We keep getting an exceptional error at the Spicy Dragon trial, after completing trial one and going into trial two. We've already done the check files on the client. It happens at the same spot each time. The odd thing is that we defeated Spicy once then the error started immediately after. Haven't made it past trial one since. Thanks
  8. Diary No. 126 Caspia i literally got this pet to farm this necklace that doesnt exist