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  1. This is a fan character I made a verryy long time ago when eTO was still up, so I figured I would not only give her a small design update, but make a full piece of her. This is the sketch of her! I had to crop the piece for the Forums because I make my files apparently way to stronk. Akuji is a character heavily based off of Soki and the Techichi fields. Affectionately titled as 'The Artists Daughter', Soki made her from the finest mixture of Ash and magic. ♥
  2. MissWalrein

    eTO Vet incoming.

    I do remember you, yes! In fact I say something when I see you in Mega; but you are always afk when I am around. The current IGN is Lovely [At least the main is. I managed to snag quite a few amazing names!]. I was so happy to get this name a few years ago, kinda wish I didn't let it go to waste until just now.
  3. MissWalrein

    eTO Vet incoming.

    I played eTO a long time back in the day before it decided to die out on us;the old name was Chrystyn. However on this server I am Lovely! Feel free to send me a mail in game if you knew me, or if you'd like to play with me at some point! I am really interested to possibly reconnect with old friends I had back on eTO and to play with people who are new to Trickster in general. Look forward to hearing from everyone~ ~ Lovely ♥