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  1. As someone who has been drilling in Gate of Tapasco for ~12 hours, these were the results: x346 Elixir Extract x331 Jewelry Potion x336 500 galder coupon x36 Ruby x23 Sapphire x7 Diamond However, no spicy eggs were found. Also, the drill depth on the wiki is wrong. It should be 120m max.
  2. This is the quest chain that starts it all: And the quest I am trying to complete is: However, everytime I try to select "Do the [Quest]" when talking to Eliza Bath, I get a "Conversation with NPC cancelled" error. As you can see, these are the only two quests accepted, so it can't be that my quest log is full. I have tried many things such as relogging, changing to a default resolution, and even forfeitting the initial quest, but no luck.
  3. Diary No. 333 IGN: Phox Finally got 3rd job! Time to do ep. 3 quests~
  4. Diary No. 294 IGN: Phox A few minutes after my drilling break, this shows up
  5. Diary No. 265 IGN: Phox Just started my adventures in LifeTO and have already been working hard. While I wait for my Fox badge, I gave Monkey_T some "supplies"
  6. IGN: Phox Badge: smart fox