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  1. xJewelx

    Trouble when multiclient

    Yea, don't minimize your first client, if you did. You will get a black screen TO.
  2. Basically, it was always been like this since eTO even in rTO. Just like what AbaddoN said, better post the thread in suggestion not in bug section
  3. yea, I always wondering about that one. :thonk:
  4. Wow, I didn't know some people will use mage just for a "beginner's" skill
  5. Nerf Logan's LK pls.. My tetra always miss at him :screm:
  6. Method: Facebook Details: Just scrolling down and liking everything I saw on Facebook just the same as usual, then I saw the post about the opening of a new Trickster Online (not PlayTrickster as I already unfollowed them).
  7. Yea, I notice this bug before. I bought logan's p staff for 300m, we trade in game and both of us got DC'd, he tried to vend it, and I got dc'd when i bought it. So, we just did our transaction in private marketplace..
  8. xJewelx

    Mail problem

    RIP, basically before you mail it. Better double check the spelling of the player/ign you send it to.
  9. Diary No. 638 xJewelx Just PM me if you're interested
  10. Don't degrade me Sky, I'm a Hokage, not just a puny ninja
  11. Daily Diary 592 xJewelx Just reached 2m damage
  12. Are you single playing right now?
  13. Try to join the Discord Channel of LifeTO, for easy way to communicate and ask for help from the other players. https://discordapp.com/invite/jTmB5ry
  14. Can you send another picture again? xD
  15. Problem solve? Cause if yes, sky will make this thread close.