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  1. peekajj

    Phantom Dungeon problems

    i hope it will be fixed ;(
  2. peekajj

    Maintenance Postponement

    sounds good (:
  3. peekajj

    Fortune Drop Cards

    they are almost impossible to obtain other than the few * quests where your able to obtain them. So as a thought , and obviously this benefits all players... and maintaining the happiness in the server, CAN WE HAVE DROP FORTUNE CARDS IN MYSHOP WE CAN BUY THEM ;D
  4. reason : ray :DDDDD
  5. peekajj

    Maintenance [2018-08-05]

    we needed them new myshop items ;(
  6. peekajj

    Abyss Teleport

    YES PLS <3
  7. peekajj

    Pet event reward

    http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Baby_Tenter_Lion_Box.html can we please have an event , and we gain this pet as a reward/ exchange alot of players/ people really love this pet. thank you ray and sky i love u guys <3
  8. peekajj

    Maintenance [2018-07-23]

    thank you kind sir
  9. IGN : SkankHunt Badge : Fox Badge thank u