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  1. Diary No.: #130 IGN: Aimo Checking out shops & listening to the electrician drill holes in my wall.
  2. Diary No.: #121 IGN: Kumomo Window shopping.
  3. Diary No.: #112 IGN: Aimo Made a Powerful Striker that's a bit better than my old one and a P. Lang for bunny later. Might try to recomp more when I have galder again...
  4. Diary No.: #99 IGN: Valerie Mmm Tap
  5. Diary No.: #90 IGN: Aimo Changed fashion colors a bit for today.
  6. Diary No.: #78 IGN: Aimo I meant to gloom today....but instead stood around mega until I dc'd. Maybe tonight.
  7. Diary No.: #66 IGN: Aimo Afk-ing in mega and stalking shops
  8. Diary No.: #55 IGN: Aimo Window Shopping~
  9. Diary No.: #47 IGN: Aimo Leveled 7 alts from 105 to 122 last night and sent a few into the mines for passive leveling... Not looking forward to farming up coupons for future driller boys >_<.
  10. Diary No.: #32 IGN: Kumomo Farming mermen for alts.
  11. Diary No.: #22 IGN: Kumomo All of your lip gloss belongs to me!
  12. Diary No.: #9 IGN: Aimo What to get with 4G1... Don't suppose anyone wants to trade 4G1 for 4G2 or 4G3?
  13. Aimo

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No. 254 Valerie At tap.
  14. Aimo

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No. 246 Aimo Anyone have a Fur Lined Sword 230 for sale? >_<
  15. Aimo

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No. 231 Valerie Tap drilling~