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  1. Trickster has a pretty low quest log limit. I believe it's something like 5 or 6 quests. If you're getting "Conversation with NPC cancelled" it's likely you have hit this limit and need to complete or drop your other quests in your quest log before you can pick up other ones.
  2. Diary No.: #338 IGN: Tomo Nice to see a bunch of shops.
  3. Diary No.: #329 IGN: Valerie I suppose I should do more dailies...but I don't want to.
  4. Diary No.: #318 IGN: Tomo A bit of dailies while waiting for last month to end.
  5. Diary No.: #310 IGN: Aimo Contemplating spending money...but then what if new boxes come out.
  6. Diary No.: #301 IGN: Valerie Gave my laptop a few days break from being on 24/7. Will be back to mines soon!
  7. Diary No.: #292 IGN: Aimo Checking out shops
  8. Diary No.: #282 IGN: Tomo Did a daily.
  9. Diary No.: #275 IGN: Tomo Taking a look at shops
  10. Diary No.: #262 IGN: Tomo Talked to Stella for a bit.
  11. Diary No.: #255 IGN: Valerie Fox gets a break for a bit.
  12. Diary No.: #245 IGN: Tomo Almost forgot about today's post.
  13. Diary No.: #235 IGN: Tomo Eventually I'll get around to getting 3rd job for the rest of my alts... For now, window shopping.
  14. Diary No.: #224 IGN: Tomo Hopefully next month I'll be in the mines xD.
  15. Diary No.: #210 IGN: Tomo I feel like i should be selling takoyaki here or something...