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  1. Hi LifeTo forum members, Does anyone know why I cannot progress in the Sea Spirit Rumo quest after completing the first 2? http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Sea_Spirit_Rumo.html I spoke to Rumo in Mirage Island, and there is nothing leading up to it? Why is this? Transfer to: Mirage Island Dungeon 2 - Deepest Cave Thank you all. Mirage Island Field 2 - Cliff of Fate
  2. Hi all. So a friend of mine has had a problem where he accidentally exchanged his galders for Myshop at the Control Panel. Is there any way that he can revert it back since this is an honest case of someone screwing up? I'd like to know. When I first joined the server, I also though the exchange system was two ways. Meaning you can exchange interchangeably. But I do understand why there is not one, since people can just donate and exchange real life money for galders (essentially making the server a p2w). Please let us know of any information. Thank you~ Diogenes.
  3. Hi all. I want to ask why I keep getting disconnected whenever I'm afk for long periods of time (say, afk opening a vendor) or when I'm generally not inputting anything into the game. It gets sent straight to the X "Move to main menu" and X "End game" I have checked the PC's sleep settings and it's set on 'Never'. This has never been a problem before any possible explanations? Cheers.
  4. DiogenesOfSinope

    Mature compounding question

    Thanks for your response :)
  5. Hi everyone. So i just want to ask whether a compound item would get removed when you use the Nate's bottle? I have not played TO for years now and am in need of some clarifications. Thank you and I hope everyone are enjoying the server.
  6. DiogenesOfSinope

    B> Electric attr stones

    B> Electric attr stones <3 Offer me pls
  7. DiogenesOfSinope

    S> Attribute stones

    Yo. Do you still have those attr stones?
  8. DiogenesOfSinope

    Cannot login after latest maintenance

    Still can't get it to work but cheers for letting me know.
  9. Anyone else seems to be stuck at "Logging in" right after the maintenance? I am unable to login.
  10. DiogenesOfSinope

    Your most NOOB moment

    back on eTO I used to make a decent profit out of selling amulets from NPC, selling them in other towns packed with noobs not knowing that you can just buy them somewhere else. This was the early days of eTO post beta launch. Not sure if you can call that a noob moment, or it's the people who bought those amulets were the noobs. :thinking: Other than that, running AP on a dragon and finally figuring out shit did not seem to be working O.O
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    LifeTO Appreciation

    Time to donate brasephs. Hey why is your name Maple, when it's TricksterOnline. Am I on the wrong forum?
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    Maintenance [2018-07-15]

    Thanks for fixing the Kaboom bug. edit: Can anyone else log in after the maintenance? Mine seems to be stuck at logging in.
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    Character Badge Foundation

    IGN: ThailandTrap Badge: Bunny Thank you very much.