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  1. Ricardo

    Discord Integration

    It does show up as LifeTO if I am correct.
  2. Ricardo

    Stellar's profiles missing?

    @Raymonf I thought you did check up on this a few days ago?
  3. Ricardo

    Quest Receive Limitation?

    It is intended to be working this way, there is nothing we can do to change that.
  4. Ricardo

    Fortune Drop Cards

    I don't think adding them to MyShop is the solution, might be able to add them to some monster's drop table with a very small chance of obtaining them. They're supposed to be semi-rare because they have a great impact on the overall game play.
  5. Ricardo

    Make Great Trickster Set Unsellable

    pLeAse Do nOt FoRgEt To ImPlEmEnT tHiS, sKeI @Sky
  6. Ricardo

    Farewell Letters

    Honestly, I never had any issue with this quest on multiple characters, ever.
  7. Ricardo

    Coupon weight

    I don't feel like changing it as well, if you want to have more weight just start a character with 3 or 4 sense. Anything lower than that is the sacrifice you'll have to make, in order to get different benefits.
  8. Ricardo

    Rim of a Sieve drop rate

    No, the item is not bugged as far as I know, the drop rate of this particular item is pretty low. (~ 2%).
  9. Ricardo

    Revamp Card ID Drops

    Apart from the stones and Nessie's suggestion, I don't see any reason to change the drops, I'd rather find a way to exchange items which are practically useless right now (ex. Emerald, Tourmaline, Citrin, etc.) But that is just my view at the moment, it's open for discussion of course.
  10. A solution to this problem can be found in our help center, click here Please let me know once this issue has been resolved.
  11. Ricardo

    CardUI issues

    Good to hear that the issue has been resolved, if it ever happens to re-occur feel free to open a new topic.
  12. Ricardo

    Give Daily Coupons more purpose

    Nice suggestion, I do feel that there should be more purpose to the daily coupons as well. It's worth discussing this with the team. Although we have other intentions with the pets, so I don't think it will be available with daily coupons as currency.
  13. Ricardo

    CardUI issues

    The cardUI glitching out is a known issue when playing on different resolutions. I'm not sure on which resolution you are playing at the moment, but try the default and let me know how it goes.