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    Egg Shop Suggestion Thread

    1. Recommended Rook boxes 5 Eggs Good melee pet, pick up ability is desirable 2. Equipment Various myshop weight pouches 5-15 eggs depending on weight pouch level Help those that wish to drill for maximum potential Example of weight pouch: Various elemental rings 5-15 eggs depending on ring level Help those wishing to melee, or skills requiring element Example of elemental ring: Cute fuses. e.g. Arin Set 5-10 eggs dependent on value of item Helps players with limited funds have fashion E.g. of arin set. 4. Etc. Various usables from level up gift boxes: i.e. Repair powder, fusion flames, black elixer, white elixer, pink elixer, amethyst elixer, white/green elixer, black/green elixer, gold tempering gem, anvils, inventory tokens, tbn, microphones, shara's bottles, nate's bottles, erin's books, pet proteins, growth proteins, 1-3 eggs dependent on value of item Helps players who do not have extensive funds, develop their equipment and pets.