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  1. no.37 Melodyeww trying to make money. watching bbc south pacific today, with benedict cumberbatch narrating.
  2. no.19 Melodyeww keeping an eye on shops, watching blue planet 2. apparently puffins aren't just cereal.
  3. No. 12 Melodyeww dailies
  4. no.219 Badfishe playing with guardians, discovering game secrets
  5. no.215 Dearest i give up. b>young lady snow/madame snow
  6. no.179 Badfish got this guy to 200
  7. no.26 Rico been busy irl. thinking of making lion full wt, hm...
  8. no.10 Rico littering
  9. You may have to try contacting a GM to give you a new one. Try private messaging a GM on discord.
  10. Badfish

    Sea spirit rumo chain quest

    Sea Spirit Rumo is found on two maps: Mirage Island Field 2 - Cliff of Fate and Mirage Island Field 3 - Fremeia. For the transfer quest, speak to Sea Spirit Rumo on Mirage Island Field 2 - Cliff of Fate (by Enkicladus, next to the whirlpool) with Abiox in your inventory.
  11. You cannot buy the driller pets. You must do daily quests to get daily coupons to exchange for a pet. See the following thread for more info: Also here is a guide for daily quests/coupons:
  12. no.363 Rico @bunnilovr yes! my sisters love the peach flavor. i'm more into apple tho. @Dashahh neosea drills in abyss costs 60k ea, if you dont mind it being slower than ms drills
  13. no.354 Rico gave in and bought the soju. Cheers!
  14. no.348 Rico checking out shops. suddenly have a craving for soju...
  15. no.337 Melodyeww haven't been logging on since driller boy expired. forgot to post yesterday. nearly forgot again today, but made it in time!