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  1. criminal

    Trickster Equipment Tradeable

    Can Devs make a poll about this? Or can people comment their thoughts?
  2. Diary No. 473 IGN: OrangeOrange Im not stopping until I make this server's first 100HV+ pet
  3. Diary No. 380 IGN: OrangeOrange Can I have consent to post on party bultin?
  4. No. 357 OrangeOrange We went hard, but we lost..
  5. Diary No. 259 IGN: OrangeCrime Started my dark wizard, will be a lot of fun!
  6. Diary No. 234 IGN: OrangeCrime I sold my dragon 220 shield for 2.2m instead of 22m lmao
  7. Hey guys, so as the level 400 around here may have noticed, the trickster equipments are untradeable. I suggest making those tradeable within the item management for characters under the same "master account". Why am I making this suggestion? Well this game is play to win, and a player having multiple characters lv 400 will have multiple trickster equipments. This will obviously give him/her a competitive edge. Let me know what you think about this suggestion.
  8. Diary No. 153 OrangeCrime My lion is set for AFK drilling in almost all maps of the game!!
  9. Diary No. 131 IGN: OrangeCrime Left a lone wolf in this world full of snakes
  10. criminal

    Maintenance [2018-09-10]

    Phantom Dongeon UPDATE!!!
  11. Diary no. 107 IGN: OrangeCrime No one came to say hi... Fingers crossed for those lv 200 crests
  12. Diary No. 88 IGN: OrangeOrange Desperately in need of those Crests... B>Crest LK 200
  13. Diary No. 40 IGN: OrangeCrime Today I made ice-cubes bigger than your mom. part 2.
  14. use these days to get coupons for 1st/2nd annivs!! worst comes to worst you sell them off
  15. Alright guys, so today I spent a little over 40m on trying to get a 3s Artisan Regal Shield. I needed it for my AFK drillers. 33 Shields later and still no 3s. I am not sure if this is a bug in the game or not. (if it is not a bug and 3s shields are atainable, I suggest we increase the rates). I hope this issue can be resolved as I feel super ripped off! Thanks for reading.